Zero monsters are a new kind of monsters created by DNumeritos

Rulings of the Zero Monsters:

-Zero monsters are a new kind of monsters that goes in the Extra Deck. They both have levels and negative levels, so, the sum of their stars is Zero. For explample -6 negative stars and 6 level stars // -5 level stars and 5 level star and so it goes.

-Template is grey and the stars are like half level and half negative level.

-To Summon them, you have to banish two face up monsters, ones with levels (any mechanic with levels) and ones with negative levels (dark synchro, impure, corrupted or any other mechanic with negative levels...).

-The fact that their level is zero allows them to avoid cards that involves levels or negative levels from your rival. But during your main phase, you can choose to "activate" their levels or negative levels to use your cards in your advantage. So all of them have this effect: "During your MP, you can activate the negative levels or the positive levels of this card. They dissappear after your EP."

-Therefore, all the cards have two effects, one activing positive levels and one activing negative levels. They can also have other active or passive effects.

-As they are difficult to summon, they tend to have high ATK/DEF points and/or powerful effects.

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