Name: Yutaka Terui
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Family: Mother and father
Likes: Dueling, helping others awaken their potential
Dislikes: Unknown
Appears In: Unnamed story featuring Marshal Monsters
Voice Actor: Unknown

Yutaka Terui is the main protagonist of a potential fanfic centered around Marshal Monsters created by Taylor Gorrell. He is a young man who lives outside the city and trains in the Duel Spirit Fist martial art style, his variation being "Thunder Claw".


Yutaka is a slim yet muscled young man with bright pink eyes and spiky black hair coming down to his shoulders, zigzag streaks of electric yellow visible through the spikes. He is primarily seen wearing a sleeveless black shirt with white buttons up the front, red shorts, fingerless yellow fighting gloves, and a bright blue headband on his forehead. While typically barefoot when outside the city, he wears red boots when he goes into town.


Yutaka is a level-headed young man who primarily keeps to himself, carrying himself with discipline in order to hone his skills. He frequently acts as a mentor figure to those who want to become stronger, showing a desire to see potential realized rather than squandered and to see others become stronger like he did. Calm and mature, Yutaka is usually unfazed by attempts to rile him and will usually attempt to talk his foes down, sometimes lightheartedly teasing them. However, if push comes to shove, Yutaka will fight to his last breath and show no mercy until his opponent either yields or is defeated.

Due to his life outside of normal society, Yutaka is not as up to date on Dueling conventions as most people, not even knowing what Link Monsters are at the start. However, he is more than willing to learn if he doesn't know something, and he knows well enough about how society works to be respectful to others.




Yutaka's Duel Spirit Fist training manifests as "Thunder Claw", a fighting style that allows him to cloak his limbs in electricity to attack, prioritizing quick strikes and paralyzing power before going in for a final attack.


Yutaka plays a Thunderclaw Deck, utilizing the upgrade given by his Marshal Monster, "Thunderclaw Avatar Take-Mika-Zuchi", to strike multiple times and inflict repeated burn damage. When his opponent is low on LP, he activates his natural Skill, "Decisive Strike", to inflict one final batch of damage to ensure the opponent's defeat.

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