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Yusei Fudo
Name: Yusei Fudo
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Decks: Junk
Key Cards: Junk Warrior

Junk Master

Appears In: Yu-Gi-Oh! ReWrite

Yusei Fudo is a supporting character in the third arc of Yu-Gi-Oh! ReWrite. He is Duelist of Legend who originally appeared in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.


Yusei maintains his original appearance as seen during his last duel against Jack Atlas, though he seems to have grown his hair a bit and has gotten slightly taller.

His main outfit remains mostly the same, though he wears a plain black shirt underneath his jacket with the red symbol missing from the chest.


Still calm, calculating, and clear minded, Yusei has become a bit more "mellow" since the end of "5D's", acting less serious and even making jokes. He still maintains his ideals on Dueling, believing in the possibilities of every single card.

Yusei also seems to take on an older brother/mentor role towards Yuzuki when he meets him, pushing the latter to discover his own method for Accel Synchro Summoning, in a similar manner to what Bruno did for Yusei.


Yusei intervenes in the Duel between Yuzuki and Gerino, when the latter Summons his Meklord Emperor Amazel.

More to come later.....


Yusei still uses the same Deck as he did during 5D's, though he puts more focus on his "Junk" monsters. Having advanced his method of Accel Synchro, he has gained access to monsters such as "Junk Master", an evolved Accel Synchro form of one his key cards, "Junk Warrior".



Opponent(s) Chapter Outcome
Gerino ??? TBD (with Yuzuki Taiga


  • Yusei's title as a Duelist of Legend is the "Duelist of Evolution".