Yuo Niju
Age 18
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occuptation Works on a Game Shop
Deck Armoured Beast
Appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! KINGS

Yuo Niju (Japanese: 弐拾にじゅう 遊往ゆう おうNijū Yūō ) is the main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! KINGS, who is a 18-year-old amnesiac young man who doesn't recall anything from his past, he is an aspiring artist as well as an enthusiast duelist who really loves dueling, and works part-time at a game shop along with his girlfriend Umi Kitajima. He aspires at someday becoming a card designer to be able to make cards of his own for everyone else to enjoy. He pretty much lives a normal life, until one day he finds a mysterious golden-colored card known as a "King Card" and discovers "King Summoning", which enables him to summon multiple monsters from the Extra Deck while dueling as long as that card's "King Hierarchy" allows him. That gets him in the middle of conflict that takes him to his next journey across the A.D. Worlds to collect the rest of the 200 King Cards, created years ago by a ruthless King.

Etymology Edit

The character's name, "Yūō" ( 遊往ゆう おう) is based on 勇往ゆう おう, which means "spirited advance" or "energetically going forward", with its separate Kanjis mean the following; 勇 meaning "Courage" and 往 meaning "Journey" or "Travel", also the Hiragana of the second Kanji (おう), can also be used for (おう) which means "King". His surname, "Nijū" (弐拾にじゅう), means "20" (This being a reference to the 20th Anniversary of anime series, the motive this story is being made.)

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