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Yukito Ousama
Name: Yukito Ousama
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Relatives: Yumiko Ousama (sister;missing)
Unknown parents

Yoshiro Ozora (uncle)

Decks: Warfare
Affiliation Stars Gang (Leader)
Appears In: Yu-Gi-Oh! Underground

Yukito Ousama , known in the "Underground" as Kaiser is the main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! Underground and the leader of the Stars Gang, a primarily Xyz-focused Duel Gang.


Yukito has black, spiky hair with yellow highlights around the sides that cover most of the right side of his forehead, as it mostly leans to the right. It is rather tame compared to other Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonists. He has deep red eyes that some find alluring and others find intimidating. While in school, he usually dons a pair of black prescription glasses.

In school, he is always seen in the Sen Academy uniform, which, during the winter seasons, consists of a black-buttoned blue blazer and black pants. In the summer, he switches over to the summer uniform, changing the top to a light blue polo shirt.

Outside of school, Yukito's main outfit consists of a black jacket with purple stripes lining the sides, a gray shirt with the words "OVER/UNDER" in white, dark pants with a silver chain attached to the side, and a pair of ankle high black & gray boots. In warmer weather, he switches out the jacket for a short sleeve hoodie of similar design to his jacket.

Regardless of the outfit, Yukito is hardly ever scene without his signature white scarf around his neck, which he mentioned to have modified to be "everything-proof".


As a continuing trend with Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonists, Yukito's name contains the syllable "Yu". His last name, "Ousama", (read as Ōusama) can be translated "king", relating to his postion as leader of the Stars Gang.

His "Underground" name of "Kaiser" is the German word for emperor, owing to his status as the leader of the Stars Gang along with sticking with the naming schemes of the other Duel Gang leaders.


In his day to day life, Yukito maintains a quiet and distant personality to most of those around him. He is usually seen reading a book on on his phone, and in the rare instances he isn't, he usually starring off into space. This, for the most part, is a facade to draw attention away from himself.

Outside of school, while working under the name of "Kaiser", Yukito is charismatic, confident, and much less serious and distant than his school personality. He is also quite cunning and sometimes manipulative, using his wit and scheming to work things in his favor and for the sake of others. Despite his mostly easy going nature, he does also have a mild temper, usually being set off by the idiocies around him or by any harm, physical or not, done to those he cares about.

Others have stated this to be how Yukito truly is. It is this "version" of Yukito that earns him the respect and adoration of those around him.


Prior to the beginning of Yu-Gi-Oh! Underground, Yukito had formed the Stars Gang alongside Masato Yamagami and later a few other founding members. The exact details of its formation are not fully known, but Masato states both that forming the gang was entirely Yukito's idea, and that there were 3 specific reasons why he decided to do so. At some point in time during the previous Sen City Duel Wars, Yukito had dueled and defeated Kou Terumi, thus making him and the Stars Gang the apparent "winners" of the war, despite no one involved remebering the exact details of the end of the incident. After the war, Yukito formed an alliance with Kou Terumi, and Mishina Tosa, leaders of the Rings Gang and Hex Gang respectively, thus ending any direct conflict between the three gangs and leaving the city mostly peaceful. In time, through Yukito's planning, the Stars Gang would also allign itself with Sen City's Security, acting as something of "secondary ops" for policing in regards to the Realize System in the city, though this is all kept from public eye.


Stars v. Rings

At the beginning of a new term at school, Yukito and Masato are introduced to Natsume Shiki, a new transfer student who, through a surprising series of circumstances, manages to find out the connections the two have, and ultimately asks to join in.


Yukito is very adept when it comes to technology as he designed and created his own Duel Disk based on and image of an older model alone, though he eventually scraps this design in place of the version developed by the Terumi Group. He is also physically strong as he is capable of taking down people almost twice his size. Yukito also possesses the ability to use the "Imagine System, although the effects of the Imagine System, at this time, have not been revealed. Like most other Underground Duelists, he has access to the Realize System, a program which allows them to bring monsters into real life, though it seems his functions slightly differently.


Yukito uses a "Warfare" Deck, based around armed & armored creatures and has strong connections to war tactics. His strategy seems to involve swarm, battle Xyz Summoning, along with anti-Extra Deck Monster tactics. His main ace is the "Warfare Dragon: Nova Sword-Kaiser.



  • Yukito's ideal voice actor would be Soma Saito.
  • Yukito's title as a Duelist of Legend is the "Duelist of Revolution".