Yukio Goto
強盗 幸男
「ごと ゆきお」Gōtō Yukio
Name: Yukio Goto
P-ID Kaito
Nicknames: "Kai"
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Decks: Phantom HERO
Appears In: Yu-Gi-Oh! K

Yukio Goto (強盗ごと 幸男ゆきお, Gōtō Yukio) is the main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! K.


Currently seen only in his thief outfit, Yukio wears what appears to be a gray tunic over a black shirt with two red bands over both arms. He wears black pants and a pair of blue, black, and grey boots with a yellow zig-zag pattern at the top. He keeps his hands covered with blue gloves and wears a grey cape along with a similarly colored top hat (though not pictured above). He has messy, crimson and cyan colored hair, though he changes the style depending on his current disguise/persona. His eyes are also red.

After the creation of the Midnight Illusions group, the introduction of Kyosuke Kyuzo, and at the suggestion of Chidori Hayakawa, Yukio decides to change his appearance as "Kaitou Shounen", taking on a darker, redesigned outfit and switching to the name "Kaito" as a result. The main differences include a grey/black color scheme, losing the top hat (for mobility issues), and his mask going from black to purple.


Beyond having a flair for the dramatics, not much is known about Yukio.


Yukio, as "Kaito Shounen", is seen sneaking around a high-class party looking for a supposed "top-secret file". Upon finding its location, he is confronted by three guards.

More to come later


True to his alias, Yukio uses a "Phantom HERO" Deck, based around Gentleman Thief-like "HERO" monsters. The Deck seems to have no true strategy outside of swarming and dealing direct damage (both through direct attacks and effect damage). He is apparently able to match any Summon his opponent uses, hinting that the Deck is multi-Summon based (outside of the Fusion Summoning he demonstrates).

His ace card and Avatar is "Phantom HERO Rebellious Joker".



Opponent(s) Chapter Outcome
Party Guard x3 [1] Win
City Officers x20 2 TBD
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