Yudai Gensou
Age 15
Gender Male
Corresponding card Phantasmagoria Afterimage
Status Deceased
Likes Jokes
Dislikes Getting his cards used against him
Deck Phantasmagoria


Appears in Scattered Factors

Yudai Gensou is a character created and used by Qwex67 in his RP, Scattered Factors. He could be considered a counterpart to Vetrix from Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal

Backstory Edit

Yudai found the first "Factor" monster, Factor 70. However, he quickly lost it to the Factor Hunter Gray Yuki in a Duel. After a great amount of losses from Her X - Factor V: Rippers Revenge, he snapped. Turning "Dark", he Challenged Gray to his Final Duel, a Shadow Game. Gray Summoned the First Chaos Factor, CX - Factor V: Fear the Ripper, which quickly overwhelmed him into a defeat.

Deck Edit

Yudai initially ran a “Phantasmagoria“ Deck focusing on banishing cards. It could search out his monsters with “Afterimage”, Special Summon there Tuners from the Deck with “Blivet”, and use various other ways of gaining advantage. His ace was “Factor LXX: Illusion Knight”, before losing it to Gray. In a pinch, it could go into Black Rose Dragon or a few varying Xyz Monsters. His deck also had Level 8 access, allowing for the Synchro Summon of “Stardust Dragon” or “Phantasmagoria Double Tower”.

Dark Yudai used a “Chronomaly” deck, focused on XYZ summoning power Rank 4 and 6 Monsters to lower ATK to 0 and reduce LP to 100.

Duel Stats Edit

V.S Gray Yuki - Lost (- Factor LXX: Illusion Knight)

V.S Gray Yuki - Lost (- X - Factor X: Forsighter)

V.S. Gray Yuki - Lost (Shadow Duel)

Lifetime Factors: Edit

Factor LXX: Illusion Knight (Has Lost It)

X - Factor X: Forsighter (Has Lost It)

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