Yuda 2
Name Yuda
Age 17
Gender Male
Relatives Yumera (Cross Dimension counterpart)
Yuno (Resonance & Mono Dimension counterpart)
Yube (Soul Dimension counterpart)
Yumaru (Original form)
Lyle (Last Form)
Deck Voltage
Appearances  ?

Yuda (ユーダ Yūdā) is the Ultima Dimensional Fragment of Yumaru. He is a Gambling Duelist, despite only being 17, and is one of the main "big winners" in the "Underworld Circuit" illegal Dueling area.


His hair consists of spikes backed (in a somewhat cone-like fashion) golden hair with and and 2 golden bangs on each side of his head. The second layer of his hair is more well-kept and is also lighter than the rest of his hair. His eyes are yellow.

His main consists of a white suit and pants over a blue dress shirt, a yellow tie, a pair of gold sunglasses, black shoes, and black leather glove on his left hand. He occasionally will carry a toothpick in his mouth.


Yuda is best describe as being cocky, a bit of a loudmouth, and very rude at times, but is someone most people would call "not too bad of a guy". He is however, respectful towards his opponents from the start to even after a Duel. He also has an extreme hatred for cheaters, and tends to put all his efforts in to taking them down whenever he deals with them, showing he does have a sense of right and wrong.

He is also a bit of a "typical rich-boy", as he is used to somewhat luxurious life-style and will often whine and complain when he has to go without.




As mentioned by many, Yuda seems to have an insane amount of luck, to the point he can always guess which person will go first due to the roulette at the start of a Duel and plays his entirely luck-based Deck with ease.


Yuda plays a Voltage Deck, which focuses on Gamble/Burn Tactics (though Yuda refers to the latter as "Shock Tactics". It also support the increasing of Tags an Ultima Summoning.

Yuda's cards (both in name, aesthetics, and effects) often relate to gambling as a whole, money, casinos, and other similar themes.



  • Yuda can be seen as a parallel version of the character, Yuda Amuka, as they both use Ultima Cards as their "main" monsters, possess similar Dueling styles, and share the same first name.
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