Name Yube
Age 16
Gender Male
Relatives Yumera (Cross Dimension counterpart)
Yuda (Ultima Dimension counterpart)
Yuno (Resonance & Mono Dimension counterpart)
Yumaru (Original form)
Lyle (Last Form)
Deck Absolutely Zero
Level 475
Appearances  ?

Yube (ユーベー Yūbē) is the Soul Dimension Fragment of Yumaru. He is young Dueling Adventurer who seeks to reach the highest level possible (rumored to be 999). He represents the "Mage" class of an RPG, and along with his strangely high level and abilities, has earned himself the title "The Absolute Frozen Magician" (絶対冷凍マジシャン Zettai Reitō Majishan).


His hair is long and is kept in a somewhat messy style, it is still multi colored (with his main layer being dark blue and the ends of his hair being light green). He also keeps his hair tied up in the back. Yube's eyes are white.

His main attire includes a long, light-blue (slightly darker than his hair) poncho-esque cloth with a white trim and a green "S" patch on the right shoulder over a black shirt with an amour-like plate over his chest, dark-blue pants, and a pair of light-blue boots. He also wears a pair of goggle on his head.


While usually being an all-around nice guy, Yube is prone to being very selfish at times, only being interested in leveling up and reaching this highest status possible. He is also shown to never take anything seriously outside of adventuring and dueling. Despite all of this, he is shown to be a caring person, and will often risk himself, and by extension, his goals, for the sake of helping others.

When accepting quests, he will often use the phrase "YuBetacha!", as a pun involving his name and the phrase "You Betcha".




Yube has obtained various skills which are both useful in and outside of Duels. Such skills include what seems to be magic-like abilities, such as the ability to conjure ice, and high agility, which he often uses during Boss Battle Duels.


Yube plays an Absolutely Zero Deck, which focuses on the negation of effects on the field and benefits from having said effects negated. To compensate for his monsters usually low ATK and DEF, he has many Soul Monsters at his disposal and uses many Spell Cards, further pushing his position as part of the "Mage" class.



  • Yube can be seen as a parallel to the character, Yuichi Ido, as they both use Soul Monsters as their "main" monsters, have similarly colored designs, both are traveling Duelists, and share the same ideal voice actor, Yuki Kaji.
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