Name Yu-Gi-Oh! Underground
Created by Maxus1576

Yu-Gi-Oh! Underground is a story created by Maxus1576.

"Underground" is not related to any other cannon "Yu-Gi-Oh!" series. It centers around the new protagonist, Yukito Ousama, the leader of the Stars Gang, a group of Xyz Summoners.


The year is 2030. Dueling is a commonplace for all people, from children to adults. While it is mainly used for entertainment or competition, there exists a darker world where dueling is used for other purposes. Within this darker world, the established Summon Methods established in Duel Monsters, Ritual, Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz Summon, have divided many people and thus has caused factions to form; the Hex Gang, a group of Ritual Summoners, the Spiral Gang, a group of Fusion Summoners, the Rings Gang, a group of Fusion Summoners, and the Stars Gang, a group of Xyz Summoners. Each of these Duel Gangs are led by one single person. Of the four leaders, the story focuses on one of them; the young leader of the Stars Gang, Yukito Ousama. In the aftermath of a mystery-filled war between the four gangs and a rising conflict between the Stars and Rings Gangs, Yukito and will battle enemies, make allies, and discover the truth behind the incident of the Duel Wars and the bizarre events that follow.


Main CharactersEdit

Stars Gang

Rings Gang

Hex Gang

Spiral Gang


  • Underground is currently on hiatus. All sets, characters, and any possible stories for it are on hold until further notice.
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