Name Yu-Gi-Oh! ReWrite
Created by Maxus1576

Yu-Gi-Oh! ReWrite is a story created by Maxus.

"ReWrite" is the culmination of the many series created by Maxus and includes the reappearance of characters from previous Yu-Gi-Oh! series, both canon and non-canon. The story focuses on Yuzuki Taiga, a former dueling prodigy who re-sparks his motivation for dueling after discovering the Distortion Summon method.


The year is 20XX (slated many years after the end of "Yu-Gi-Oh! SF"). Yuzuki Taiga, even after transfering to a new school, is always left out, avoided, or just outright ignored. Though it's never been for a particular reason, his existence just never "leveled" with anyone. It's been thid way since Yuzuki was defeated in a Duel tournament he participated in 6 years prior, though there's never been much he's been able to do about. Since the incident, Yuzuki has given up Dueling and lives each day mostly aimless and listless. However, after finally meeting someone he could call a friend and having a run-in with the infamous "Dark D-Wheeler", Black Knight, his life changes when he discovers the Chronos Deck and performs the world's first Rewrite and Distortion Summon! The events set in motion by this action begin to stretch across time in Yuzuki's newly found journey.


Main CharactersEdit

Yuzuki Taiga
Kyoya Mawari
Chihiro Tennouji
Gai Todo
Suzuya Enomiya
Yuna Taiga

Other CharactersEdit

White Knight
Black Knight
Takashi Enomiya
Kaoru Taiga
Asahi Taiga
Yurine Taiga
Hayate Sakakura

Duelist of Justice ArcEdit

Rei Yukimura (ReWrite)
Kazuya Yukimura (ReWrite)
Maya Atsushi (ReWrite)

Duelist of Evolution ArcEdit

Yusei Fudo (ReWrite)
Leo (ReWrite)

Story ArcsEdit

Birth of Existence Arc - Chapter 1-8
Duelist of Justice Arc - Chapter 9-15
Academy Days Arc - Chapter 16-?
Duelist of Evolution Arc - Chapter ?
Festival Arc - Chapter ?
Duelist of the Star Arc - Chapter ?


  • This is the penultimate story in Maxus' canon.
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