Yu-Gi-Oh! Me - Chapter 008 - The Final Clash! Yei Vs Yuri
Volume: Invasion of Chaotics, Chapter: 8
Season: unknown, Episode: 8
Publish Date N/A
Storyboard by Chadook
Drawn by Chadook
Directed by Chadook
Languages English
Source(s) SmackJeeves


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Yu-Gi-Oh! Me - Chapter 008 - The Final Clash! Yei Vs Yuri is a Chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! Me, which is published in 25 Apr 2016, in which it celebrates the manga series's birthday since its creation. It's also the very first Chapter that has 42 pages considering it as a Special manga chapter despite continuing  The previous Chapter.


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Yei was left knocked out due to the effect of "Chaotic Damage Port 404 - Area C", While Yuri is waiting of her to surrender, which kept Anissa and Fokkusu. But thanks to Hinn, Yei restored enough energy to continue and finish the duel. After a move that Yei managed to make to save the day, she suddenly remembered something she had in common with Yuri, which made her drop tears and shout in rage, however, Fokkusu managed to convinced her to focus on the duel instead of mourning over the good memories. Then later, when Yei has turned the Tables, Yuri Synchro Summoned "Daighost Eghoul" and managed to get rid of "Carole, Queen of Fiber Vine 2" which caused Yei to get depressed, allowing him to spread the haunted souls of darkness to engulf Yei inside the darkness and make her one of Chaotic Soldiers, However, Hinn interfered and Saved Yei from the Darkness giving her a new hope to finish the duel. When Yuri was freed, his memory is still blurred, and couldn't remember anything he had with Yei, which infuriated the latter granting a slap from her.

Featured Duel: Yei vs Yuri:Edit

Duel continues from the Previous Chapter It is Yei's Turn: Yei Controls a targeted face-up "Carole, Queen of Fiber Vine 2" (Tstar8 2010/1400[Notes 1]) with "Chaotic Chains", with 3000 LP remaining. Yei ends her turn by setting 1 card face-down. Turn3: Yuri: Yuri controls a face-up "Chaotic Batborg"(Level star6 2550/3000), a face-up "Chaotic Dark Sphere", "Chaotic Chains" and ""Chaotic Damage Port 404 - Area C" with 4000 LP. He activates the effect of Batborg by treating "Chaotic Metal Cyber Snake" (Level star5 2100/1600) as Level 4 and Normal Summons it from his hand to activate its effect and Special Summons "Chaotic Ravager(Level star4 1450/1700) from his graveyard, allowing it to Special Summon "Revived Kitten" (Level star4 2500/0) and "Winda, Bone of Daighosts" (Level star2 1000/400) from his Graveyard. Then he attacks Carole with Batborg using its effect causing her losing 500 ATK. ("Carole, Queen of Fiber Vine 2" 2010 →1510 ATK), the first attack it is not destroyed, also once for this turn, Yei Takes no battle damage, then his second attack launches ("Carole, Queen of Fiber Vine 2" 1510 → 1010 ATK), (Yei 3000 → 1960)for the second time, Carole is not destroyed, then Yuri activates his face-down card "Chaotic Heart" gathering the total combined ATK of all of his monsters ("Chaotic Batborg" 2550 → 9600 ATK), while Yuri prepared to finish his last attack, Yei activates her face-down card "Evolute Dispute" reducing Batborg's ATK by 800 ("Chaotic Batborg" 9600 → 8800 ATK), then she returns "Carole, Queen of Fiber Vine 2" to her Extra Deck to Special Summon "Aromage Rosemary" (Level star4 1800/700) and "Bomomoberry" (Level star1 0/0) from her Graveyard using Bomomoberry's effect copying Aromage's Level and changing its Attribute to EARTH with berry's Effect (WATEREARTH) then she draws 4 cards equal to the lost ATK amount of Batborg to end Yuri's Battle phase. Yei proceeds to Ritual Summon "Stella, Princess of Fiber Vine" (Level star5 2400/1400) with the effect of "Charged Ritual Arts" when it is drawn banishing it and "Vine Rites" because of "Charged Ritual Arts"'s effect, "Stella, Princess of Fiber Vine" is unaffected by other card effects except this card's, also it cannot attack, and its ATK becomes 0 ("Stella, Princess of Fiber Vine" 2400 → 0 ATK), When sent to Graveyard, "Dandylion" 's effect activates to Special Summon 2 "Fluff Tokens" (Level star1 0/0). By ending his turn, Yuri's card "Chaotic Chains" is destroyed since it lost its target, also Yei regains the lost amount of LP thanks to "Charged Ritual Arts" (Yei 1960 → 3000).
Turn4: Yei: Yei Combines Rosemary and Bomomomo to Evolute Summon "Carole, Queen of Fiber Vine 2" (Tstar8 2710/1400), using her effect to destroy "Chaotic Batborg", then she equips her with the Equip Spell card "Perfume of Bondage" Disabling any monster the equipped monster battles from activating its effect, she attacks "Chaotic Ravager" (Yuri 4000 → 2740). Yei ends her turn by setting 1 card face-down.
Turn 5: Yuri: Yuri activates "Card of Demise" to draw cards until he reaches 5, then he Normal Summons "Wighter" (Level star1 0/0)activating its effect to discard "Mezuki" and Special Summons "Ugly Dakazye" (Level star1 0/0) from his hand, then he tunes "Wighter", "Chaotic Metal Cyber Snake", using "Ugly Dakazye" to Synchro Summon "Daighost Eghoul" (Level star7 2600/1800, then equips it with "Synchro Pollution" to treat it as a Dark Synchro monster(Level starNegStar) enabling it the ability of attacking all Yei's monsters with a pierce effect, also unable to be chained, while he attacks, Yei activates her face-down card "Waboku" to negate any Battle Damage and battle destruction of her monsters. Yuri ends his turn, by ending his turn, he tributes Winda and Kitten to keep "Synchro Pollution" face-up on the field, then banishes "Revived Kitten" from his Graveyard to banish "Carole, Queen of Fiber Vine 2" from Yei's Field.
Turn 6: Yei: Yei tributes Stella and Fluff tokens and pays 2000 LP to activate "Cards From The Fallen Angel" to Draw 4 cards [Notes 2], then she Normal Summons "Jungle Gal of Fiber Vine" (Level star4 1850/0)[Notes 3] allowing it to Special Summon "Samid, Seed of Fiber Vine"(Level star3 1200/1400) from her Deck, then she combines both monsters to Evolute Summon "Odd-Eyes Paladin Girl of Fiber Vine" (Tstar7 2500/2000), then she activates "Gap Power" using the difference between her LP and Yuri's to give Paladin Girl 870 ATK ("Odd-Eyes Paladin Girl of Fiber Vine" 2500 → 3370 ATK), then she attacks "Daigost Eghoul" (Yuri 2740 → 1970), then she activates her effect to inflict effect Damage Equal to the ATK of the Destroyed monster (2600), (Yuri 1970 → 0).

Featured Cards:Edit

Cards appeared in this chapter are here.




  1. This monster's ATK was not changed when this chapter was out.
  2. Misprint, the card lore states 5 instead.
  3. The Actual game card discards itself with another "Vine" cards to draw 2 cards, this changed applied when this card has the actual effect of the manga after the publishing proccess.

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