Yu-Gi-Oh! Me! - Chapter 009- A new Rival Appears, Yukiron Machinery Owner
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Volume: 1, Chapter: 9
Season: unknown, Episode: 9
Publish Date Unknown
Storyboard by Unknown
Drawn by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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A new Rival Appears, Yukiron Machinery Owner is the ninth Chapter of  Yu-Gi-Oh! Me which is published in 23 May 2016 and shifts the art style permanently to black and white using hand and Adobe Photoshop CS6.


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Yei is depressed because of the the fact that Yuri has forgotten about her, once Anissa managed to c

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Fokkusu Slaps Yei

heer her up by making fun of Fokkusu, Fokkusu considered it offensive, until he saw Yei laughing from her heart. Only to get too carried away with his lecherous actions (stucking his head into her chest) causing the annoyance of the latter, which resulted to get smacked by her. Fokkusu's objection on getting beaten by Yei and Yei's objection  about Fokkusu's perverted ways clashed, which caused a fight between both sides, leaving Fokkusu being hit again. Later, While Yei is alone, a Strange person appears to approach her, Thinking it was a Fokkusu again, she declared a reckless kick, but surprised that the strange person managed to intercept her kick taking her down as a result. It was Keren Daichi, he appologized for what he just did, however he just decided that she has feelings to him all of the sudden, which shocked Yei and confused her, due to his attractive looking, Yei hesitated to tell him that he is not the man she looks for, until the situation got misinterpreted by Fokkusu. Unable to explain the situation, Yei displayed a sudden reaction to Fokkusu (slapping his hand away), which infuriated him, and slapped her in the face and granted multiple kicks in his face in return. Later, the confused Yei comes to Anissa's house to confess her true feelings and ask her for a piece of advice, coincidencially, Fokkusu came, followed by Keren Daichi. Anissa tried to seduce Keren with her beauty, she was almost there, but she was disappointed when he stated that he only wants Yei. Meanwhile, Yei suggested a duel to Fokkusu in order to take her back, in the beginning, he declined calling it "random deal", then later he insists to duel after a phone conversation between him and Yei in the night before the Duel.

Next Day, while Fokkusu is all on to take Yei back, Keren is all on to take the
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Yei and Fokkusu are "Communicating".

Evolute card, and their duel begins, later, when Keren launches his counterattack, Yei got terrified of Fokkusu Losing the duel, Keren Suggested Surrendering the duel to Fokkusu as he stated that Yei has no longer a desire to be with him, not believing this, Fokkusu admitted his goal of the duel, he poured his efforts to deplete Keren's LP away, but the latter managed to counterattack and ended the duel resulting in Fokkusu's loss. As Yei shown signs of forgiving to Fokkusu, the two have solved their problems, however Fokkusu ruined the moment by grabbing her butt, which caused her to attack him again, and unshape him until he repents.

Featured Duel: Fokkusu vs Keren:Edit

Turn 1: Fokkusu:

Fokkusu Normal Summons "Gas Fiend - Nekomata"(Level star4 1400/0), allowing him to Special Summon Gas Fiend - Snake" from his hand (Level star4 1700/1450), then he overlays both monsters to Xyz Summon "Psy-Gas Fiend - Gas Dude" (18px-RankStar.svg4 2660/1350 (ORU:2), then he ends his turn.

Turn 2: Keren:

Keren banishes the card he drew "Red-Yukiron Polymizer Neko" fusing "Dunames Dark Witch" and "Yaiba Robo" to Fusion Summon "Red Yukiron - RAM Valkyria" (Level star6 2400/2900) tributing her as a cost and tributing "Blocker" [Notes 1] from his Deck to Ritual Summon "Red Yukiron - Crash Ogre" (Level star4 2000/1500) using its effect to Special Summon 1 banished"Yaiba Robo" and making it a Tuner with a reduced Level (Level star3) and 1 banished "Dunames Dark Witch" (Level star4)  to Synchro Summon "RED Yukiron -LumOni (Level star7 2500/2000) and uses its effect to clone "Dunames Dark Witch" into two "Oni Clone"s (Level star4 1800/1050), then, Keren activates "Star Limit" converting the Onis' Levels into (Level star6 )  and DARK Machine-Type (LIGHTDARK) , then he overlays the two clones to Xyz Summon "Red Yukiron - Dark(18px-RankStar.svg6 2600/1000 (ORU:2) activating its effects by Special Summoning "Red Yukiron -RAM Valkyria) increasing its ATK by 600 (2400→3000) and attacks "Psy-Gas Fiend - Gas Dude), Fokkusu activates its effect  by detaching 1 overlay unit and switch all Keren's monster into Defense Position and negate their effects (with the exception of "Red Yukiron - Crash Ogre"), oddly ending his turn.

Turn 3: Fokkusu:

Fokkusu draws and activates "Gas Threat" tributing Gas Dude and destroys all Keren's monsters, then activates his effect to revive Gas Fiend - Snake" from his hand (Level star4 1700/1450), then he Special Summons "Gas Fiend- Bunbuku (Level star4 2500/2800), Fokkusu overlay the two monsters to Xyz Summon "Psy-Gas Fiend - Butane (18px-RankStar.svg4 2560/1470 (ORU:2), then he attacks Keren directly, in response, Keren Activated LumOni's Graveyard effect to Special Summon an invincible "Cyber Dragon(Level star5 2100/1600) to battle Destruction from his Deck. (Keren 4000→ 3540) forcing Fokkusu to end his turn.

Turn 4: Keren:

Keren activates the equip Spell "Machina UnderDog Maker" to Special Summon "Ancient Tool"   (Level star5 1700/1400)  from his deck [Notes 2] and equips it to the activated card overlaying it with Cyber Dragon to Xyz Summon "Cyber Dragon Nova"(18px-RankStar.svg5 2100/1600 (ORU:2), then he overlays "Cyber Dragon Nova" to Xyz Summon "Cyber Dragon Infinity"(18px-RankStar.svg6 2100/1600 (ORU:3) allowing him to absorb Butane as an Overlay Unit, also gains 200 ATK for each Overlay Unit ot has (2100→ 2900), then with the effect of "Limiter Removal" doubling its ATK. (2900→ 5800), Keren attacks Fokkusu directly (Fokkusu 4000→ 0) .

Featured Cards:Edit

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  • In one panel, there's a stuffed animal that resembles P-chan  from Ranma ½  anime and manga series.
  • The mall next Yei's house resembles Aziza .


  1. Due to RAM Valkyria's condition regrading Tributes.
  2. While he had only this and the recently Drawn card "Limiter Removal" card, it was forgotten to change "hand" to "Deck".

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