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Yu-Gi-Oh! ME
Name Yu-Gi-Oh! ME
Kanji 遊☆戯☆王 モンスターの進化
Phon Yūgiō, Monsutā no shinka
Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy,fantasy, School
Created by Chadook
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Some names written here from original Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise are using the original japanese names, do not change them.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ME is a fan-based colored manga made by Chadook (chahine), which is based on the original Yu-Gi-Oh! anime and manga series, it was planned to be made since the the previous YGO bts failed since it didn't go well with the plot and the storyline, as the other one, this one gives a deep explaination of Evolute Monster, along with the other Summoning methods mentioned in the other series.


In a city called Birta, where duels have taken place with new flavour and advanced design (following the developement of duels in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Minus Action Duels), Yei Tisumi aimed at making a new stage of her dueling way, through seeking and trying various ways to surpass her limits , but after Discovering the Evolute Summon, the hero's destiny has been changed into other stages of life challenges and pinches, along with the initial stage of Chaotics' Invasion over the place.


This manga is using CCG, OCG and. Master Rules 3, meaning anything related to New Master Rules that includes Link Monsters, Cyberse and Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS-related archetypes are non-existent.

  • Player's default LP is 4000.
  • A monster can be Normal Summoned in Defense Position, as well as Normal Set.
  • Speed Duels exist.

The Master Rules 3 itself is sort of modfied:

  • Pendulum Zones are in the left/rightmost Spell & Trap Zone as opposed to intended.
  • Archetypes & Series that were revealed midway New Master Rules still appear as long as they don't mention any New Master Rules-related gameplays.


In contrast to other Yu-Gi-Oh! mangas, this one used to a Flash-Esque colored style,  until Chapter 8 and onwards,the manga started and continued adopting the traditional arts instead.


Volume I : Chaotics' Invasion![]

  • Stage 001
  • Stage 002



  1. Yei Tisumi
  2. Bruce Iyko
  3. Melissa Meiry
  4. Anissa Kaatta
  5. Fokkusu Taker


Access to Manga:[]

The manga can be found and read here! Webtoons Devianart Tapas Komikia

This is the Manga's Discord Server for Questions and comments and to follow the development.

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