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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: Shattered Soul

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Name Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: Shattered Soul
Kanji ゆうおう ARC-Ⅴアーク・ファイブ SHATTERED SOULシャタード・ソウル
Phon Yūgiō Āku Faibu Shatādo Sōru
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Gaming

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: Shattered Soul (ゆうおう ARC-Ⅴアーク・ファイブ SHATTERED SOULシャタード・ソウル, Yūgiō Āku Faibu Shatādo Sōru) is a anime series in planning of making by KuugaUltimate200, and a spin-off/remake of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V set in an alternative universe. This series will be centered around Yuzu Hiiragi and the other fragments of Ray Akaba, taking the roles of Z-ARC's fragments had in the original series. A Link Dimension and Link Counterparts shall also be introduced, as well as bringing alternate versions of characters of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS as legacy characters. This series is currently at development alongside Yu-Gi-Oh! KINGS.


Five girls, Five Dimensions, Five Boys, and Five Dragons, all connected by an unknown past and an uncertain future. Watch the story unfold as Yuzu Hiiragi a 14-year-old girl unravels the mysteries behind the Dimensions and her own past, as she looks to become a better Duelist alongside her childhood friend Yuya Sakaki, as they both discover the power of Pendulum Summoning.


Main Characters[]

Bracelet Girls[]


Standard Dimension[]

Xyz Dimension[]

Link Dimension[]

Synchro Dimension[]

Fusion Dimension[]



Opening Themes

  • "Dice"
    • Arrangement: Band-Maid
    • Artist: Band-Maid
    • Episodes: 1-26 (Approximately); Pre-Arc League Championship Arc

Ending Themes

  • "Play"
    • Arrangement: Band-Maid
    • Artist: Band-Maid
    • Episodes: 1-26 (Approximately); Pre-Arc League Championship Arc


  • This series switches the roles of Z-ARC's and Ray's fragments, as well as adding a new set of Link Counterparts.
  • Yuzu becomes the main character of this story.
  • The Dimension Dragons will take a role different from the original story.
  • This series shall bring alternate versions of some characters of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS as legacy characters.
  • This series shall use an altered version of Master Rule 2020 revision as part of the gameplay. See here
    • This means Link Monsters shall also be included in this story.
  • Since in this universe Link Monsters already exist, here they would had been introduced prior Pendulum Monsters, switching their order of appearance.
  • Events in this story shall deviate differently from the original ARC-V series, as well as bringing back characters from previous series as legacy characters, not shown at the original series.
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: Shattered Soul
Standard Dimension
Yuzu Hiiragi - Yuya Sakaki
Reiji Akaba - Shingo Sawatari - Noboru Gongenzaka - Syuzo Hiiragi - Yusho Sakaki - Yoko Sakaki - Masumi Koutsu - Yaiba Toudou - Hokuto Shijima - Tsukikage - Yuu Sakuragi - Isao Kachidoki - Reira Akaba - Ayu Ayukawa - Tatsuya Yamashiro - Futoshi Harada
Legacy Characters: Bandit Keith - Katsuya Jonouchi - Marik Ishtar
Xyz Dimension
Ruri Kurosaki - Yuto
Legacy Characters: Droite - Mizael
Synchro Dimension
Rin - Yugo
Legacy Characters: Aki Izayoi - Rutger Godwin - Aporia - Sherry LeBlanc - Rex Godwin
Fusion Dimension
Serena - Yuri
Legacy Characters: Takuma Saio - Johan Andersen - Daichi Misawa
Link Dimension
Riko - Yushi
Legacy Characters: Aoi Zaizen - Go Onizuka - Ryoken Kogami - Emma Bessho
Original Dimension
Ray Akaba - Z-ARC