Warfare Dragon: Nova-Sword Kaiser
USAEnglish Warfare
JPNKanji 戦争
Additional Info
Manga Appearance Yu-Gi-Oh! Underground

Warfare (戦争 Sensō) is an archetype used by Yukito Ousama, the main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! Underground. They appear as various animals and creatures wearing armor and wielding weapons. Their effects often vary, but many are driven towards Special Summoning, destroying card by effects, and battling. They are the main archetype of the Warfare Dragon sub-archetype.


Most Warfare monsters are low-leveled and possess decent ATK and DEF. The mainly focus on battle and use tactics that would give them an edge, usually with ATK or DEF increasing effects and abilities that activate as a counter during the Battle Phase. Most of them are also able to Summon out many monsters with ease, so the archetype excels at Xyz Summoning.

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