Vincia Van Goghi
Van Goghi.png
Age 167
Gender Female
Status Alive (as a Duel Spirit)
Appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! ME

Vincia Van Goghi is a character of Yu-Gi-Oh! ME, and the Spirit Partner of Melissa Meiry, as well as the character version of "Paintress Goghi" and the representative Duel Spirit of all "Paintress" cards, she was secretly guarding Melissa when she was first drawn by Melissa as a doodle before becoming an actual card.

Design:[edit | edit source]

Appearance:[edit | edit source]

Van Goghi, much like her correspendent card version, is a tan skinned creature, with blue hair whose end is curved, with one ear, she puts pink eye-liners, and yellow lipstick. Her eyes are dark green, has a green bush for a tail, and small brown wings, she wears a dark white vest with petals on shoulders and neck, straps on her abdomen sides connecting between the bra and undershorts, Magenta gloves, shorts, and boots, with black thigh-high socks, the shorts has front and rear missing, she also wears a dark blue hat.

Personality:[edit | edit source]

Van Goghi is an energitic, over the top cheerful duel spirit, she comes off as a trickster sometimes such as painting mannequins for legs to deceive the opponent into blocking her attack, dealing the finishing blow with her mallet. She becomes easily and slightly bitter towards any comment regrading her missing ear, subsequently, attacking her opponent's ear to deliever their roast against them, in a similar fashion she did to Kado Senpu when she attacked him directly, she hit his ear with her mallet. She's always willing to trust and cherish the bonds with Melissa even when Melissa had to give up on the deck due to Tryrone Sultaa's degenerate antics.

Biography[edit | edit source]

As a 9 years old Melissa drew the first creation, was Van Goghi, despite her not being able to look good in the drawing, her shape is formed from her imagination, she kept guarding Melissa, until one day, as Melissa was humilitaed in public by Tyrone, Van Goghi was kept in Melissa's "Qliphort" Deck, until she loses to Yurie Tisumi, as she threw the deck out of anger, this card was among these cards, after returning to Melissa and Melissa returning to "Paintress" Van Goghi persuades her to trust them again, and finally, with the rest of the "Paintress" monsters,  reuinited with Melissa.

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