Sunflower of Greed
Sunflower of Greed
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VINE (VINE) (Previously as "Earth Plant", then Seprataed from "Fiber VINE") Is a Group of Seven Series Archetypes in which depitcs a concept of VINEs and plants, Similar HERO, it has a pattern of having (Vine) in their name, with additional letter to the prefix (Vine) makes them belong to an archetype. Despite having different archetypes with different Summoning method, they have a connected lore "VINE Wars", which is a non-cannon to "Duel Terminal" 's.They are introduced in Yu-Gi-Oh! Me, Yei Tisumi uses Fiber VINE, while Wandyr Minami uses Evil VINE. VINE is also a Spell/Trap only archetype, which it supports its own sub archetypes differently. The most users with the most Support to this group are LionHeartKIng and (Blizzard Sage) Willie Burton (Lumen). VINE group is very known in YGOCC, also opinions diversed which caused a contreversial conflicts regrading the Number of the cards they may have, also  how related the archetypes are.

Archetypes:[edit | edit source]

The VINEs develops 7 Different Sub-archetypes with several Strategies.

Chadook' Series:

  • Fiber VINE: An archetype of Ritual Summoning = Sealing Special Summoning/ Anti-Effect Monsters.
  • Evil VINE: Synchro Summon Sub-Archetype= Mass destruction and gain field advantages.
  • Magnificent VINE: Level Manipulative Archetype for the sole of Xyz Summon of LIGHT Fairy-Type monsters.
  • Gust VINE: Fusion Summon, a "Sent To Graveyard" Archetype, in which it bounces cards as punishment for destroying their monsters.

Non-made by Chadook

Some of these archetypes have cross types with each other to keep the connections of these archetypes with each other.

With the stand-alone cards those have only "VINE" in their names work with all four VINE Sub-archetype, unless there's an effect that names something beyond that, the best example is Girl of Gust VINE, which requires Sending "Gust VINE" cards from your hand despite of its condition Stating otherwise.

Binding Snake Clausolas of Evil VINE also states that it needs another VINE monster to attack, however, its main effect requires a Fiend-Type monster to be revealed as a cost.

History:[edit | edit source]

This archetype was started by the creation of Carole, Queen of Fiber VINE and Kataria, Demise Queen of Evil VINE, their names were "Earth Plant" and "Demonic Plant", while their ATK were 3210 and their effects were simple, by the time, the archetype was expanded, the "Earth Plant" became "Fiber VINE", and from there, the four archetypes have been separated into 4 different cards with different mechanics, and their effects got a better errata, and balanced to keep them fair and square to everyone, additionally, Carole, Queen of Fiber VINE and Kataria, Demise Queen of Evil VINE were the first cards to be introduced into Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Joey the Passion MOD: Suzy the Cuteness, at that time, no other cards were made, until YGOPRO came and Card editors were speraded all over the internet to introduce the custom cards. The group was made randomly, with random summoning methods, when they were first submitted to "YCM", all of the cards were rejected, due to a conflict between Chadook and Yrpotaku169, however, that didn't stop Chadook from developing the archetype and watered down some cards.

Later, Every other card was seprarated from "Earth Plant" to make it "Fiber VINE", a Ritual based Archetype, while the other two became "Evil VINE" (Synchro) and "Magnificent VINE" (Xyz) and they were introduced to YGOCC that way when YGOCC was first released.

Later, "Gust VINE" appeared as the forth archetype, which is based on "Lightsworn" and "Infernoid" with a Fusion Summon based on Levels. When the group was introduced to this wikia,HiroKing (Who later gave up on "Diamond VINELionHeartKIng and (Blizzard Sage) Willie Burton (Lumen), and Lyris1064 continued to support this group and make their own Archetypes. However, LionheartKing, and Wille are the only Users with the most contributions to this group.

VINE Wars:[edit | edit source]

VINE Wars appeared pirior to This archetype's creation, View VINE Wars.

Trivia:[edit | edit source]


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