NovaTsukimori: 2018. We're finally through half of the year, with this upcoming Sunday marking the beginning of the second half of the year. For this year, I will be 21, a major age number in someone's life for some reason. But right now, I'm not important.


NovaTsukimori: Someone very dear to me was born on this date. This is now his 26th anniversary. And we will celebrate it with not one, not two, but seven sneak previews, mostly of titles upcoming that are announced, and that most of these now have a release date. Not window, but a date for you to look forward to. I hope you enjoy what you are about to read. Do keep in mind that these trailers will not be shown in the greatest of detail due to everything only being in the first draft stage. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy and to you. That special someone. Happy birthday.


Happy 26th Birthday

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