Let's start with what would be a poster for Quantum Break.

Luna has mastered her Hand of God ability. With it mastered, her hair gains a silver glow and her entire outfit becomes silvery white. She gains a double halo behind her, each housing 8 Hitodama/Wil-o-wisps. In this poster, Luna looks rather sad, yet determined. Her left eye has become silver and her right eye is covered. She holds her right hand out, a silver Synchro Summon ring appears on her hand.

Behind her, a black and red dragon with a long tengu-like nose, hollowed out eyes, with a small vertical mark by its left eye, appearing similar to that of a scar, a jagged mouth with a notably menacing grin, giving it a demonic, yet dead-like appearance, retaining the angelic wings of "Rift Beast - Dimension Zero Dragon", all while clad in silver robes and ornate Samurai-like armour.

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