Kick off the next era of Dueling with Starter Deck 2020, releasing March 18. This 43-card Starter Deck starts the brand new era of Dueling with cards used by Luna Yukari, as well as using the new "Code Monsters" (initially under the tentative name "Raid Monsters").

This Deck also includes a 5-card Extra Deck power up pack with powerful staple options for newer players such as Borreload Dragon or Starving Venom Fusion Dragon to go along with your Super Polymerization included in this Deck.

This Deck consists of 43 cards:

  • 2 Ultra Rare
  • 3 Super Rare
  • 6 Normal Parallel Rare
  • 32 Common

The power-up pack includes 5 cards:

  • 2 Ultra Rare (also available as Secret Rare)
  • 3 Normal Parallel Rare
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