Introducing on February 25th, 2020, following the Structure Deck R, Structure Deck S, and Structure Deck LEGEND series, introducing the next new series of Structure Decks Structure Deck EX. Following a similar formula to the R and LEGEND series, and the first entry is Kamen no HERO. Roughly translated as HERO of the Mask, this Structure Deck focuses on a group of HERO monsters based on the Kamen Rider series.

This Deck consists of 45 cards + a 5-card Extra Deck Power-Up Pack.

  • 1 Ultra Rare card
  • 4 Super Rare cards
  • 6 Normal Parallel Rare cards
  • 34 Common cards

The power-up pack includes.

  • 2 Ultra Rare cards (also available as Secret Rare)
  • 3 Normal Parallel Rare cards
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