Hello, ladies, gentlemen, and those of unspecified gender, we are here to announce the name of the next series to follow Yu-Gi-Oh! D-ZERO II, Yu-Gi-Oh! D-ZERO 3. Set in the city of Neo Shibuya, Japan, I don't fucking know how many years into the future. Idk, hundreds? You thought Luna Tsukimori would be the protagonist, did you? Nope. Luna Yukari is the new heroine and her rival is Hana Murasaki.

A few years after her mother had disowned her, Luna lives her life alone, renting an apartment and struggling to live off the little bit of income she makes. With her rent and bills raising, she is unable to pay them off in time and gets an eviction notice. She has a very cynical and distorted view of the world due to her history, but her mind transforms once she meets her hero, Luna Tsukimori, and eventually builds a Deck with her. Meanwhile, Murasaki Corp has lost almost all of its funds due to a hacker group known as the Purple Dragon causing incalculable damage to the company. The younger sister of the CEO, Hana Murasaki, must become Duel Champion to win the money to pay for her company's damages, while Luna must become Duel Champion to win the money to make a living. The gears of fate begin to turn.

Hana Murasaki
Younger sister of the CEO of Murasaki Corp, she is an avid Charisma Duelist who has a rather rock star approach to entertaining her fans, but has a rather quiet personality otherwise, gaining many of her fans as a result of a mix of both. She is followed by a hacker group known as the Purple Dragons, who seem to be fans of hers.

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