NovaTsukimori NovaTsukimori 16 January

Structure Deck EX: Hyperspeed Rush Hour Schedule

Another Structure Deck EX. Both this and the Dragon Structure Deck EX release April 24, 2021.


  • 1 Ultra Rare

Also contains a "Rush Hour Pack".

2 Ultra Rare cards

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NovaTsukimori NovaTsukimori 6 December 2020

Structure Deck EX: Overlord of Lorentz Theory

Is it as sudden for you as it is for me? Yes. Yes it is.

This is going to be a 45-card Structure Deck with a 5-card enhancement pack focusing on "". Expect a release date somewhere around the March time.

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NovaTsukimori NovaTsukimori 25 November 2020

Compact Cataclysm

The next set to start the 2021 booster season. It is another 80-card set to follow up on Starter Deck 2021, introducing the evolution of Code Summoning. The release date is April 4, 2021.

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NovaTsukimori NovaTsukimori 7 November 2020

Starter Deck 2021

It's already almost 2021? Huh. Anyway, behold the evolution to Code Summoning. During the climax of the series' second arc, Luna discovers the evolution to Code Summoning and her new ace can be played in this 45-card Starter Deck. The release date is March 16, 2021.

This 45 card Deck contains:

  • 2 Ultra Rare cards
  • 3 Super Rare cards
  • 6 Normal Parallel Rare cards
  • 34 Common cards
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NovaTsukimori NovaTsukimori 14 October 2020

Yu-Gi-Oh! D-ZERO 3 Teaser October 3

Luna bursted out of a door in her Midnight Kiss with Zeke hanging on the back of her D-Wheel. She looked around, desperate to get away from the Purple Dragons member before she looked up and saw him on top of a bridge linking 2 buildings together. "Oh bullshit", she cursed. She drove underneath the bridge and immediately turned to a highway that leads to the remains of Daedalus Bridge. While the structure making the infinity symbol along the water remains, albeit in disarray, the bridge that once connected to Satellite is halfway destroyed, with Satellite itself almost entirely submerged in water.

Zeke turned his head to his right, overlooking the remains of Satellite. "What happened?", he asked.

"You don't know? Over 700 years ago, an event…

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