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  • LionHeartKIng

    I'm presenting you... a brand new "original" card game called Mysteries of the Land. The game bears inspiration from Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM, a game I used to play a lot in the past, an legendary creatures.

    • It is played with 2 players and they have LE (short for Life Energy).
    • Both players start with 10 LE.
    • Playmat has this format:

    Creature Zone Creature Zone Creature Zone
    Samsara Zone
    Legend Zone
    • The Creature Zone is where "Creatures" (the equivalent of monsters) reside. As you can see from the playmat, there are three Creature Zones.
    • The Legend Zone is where Legend Creatures reside. As you can see from the playmat, there is only one of them.
    • The Samsara Zone is where "Creatures" go when they are "defeated" (as in, destroyed).
    • The Libra…

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  • LionHeartKIng

    Two facts came out to this series of series. For one, NovaTsukimori's -0 sets (which this is an antithesis to) and the fact that 2018 marks my 5th anniversary in Yu-Gi-Oh! card making.

    The -∞ (-Infinity) series illustrates historical lore, events and settings, in a more modernized way and crossed over to the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise. Note that this blog will be edited frequently, so stay tuned.

    Another characteristic of the -∞ series is that they are mentioned in the perspective of two universal characters, both of which debuted in The Dragons Advent; Doris (of the Ludum Tribe in TDA) and Pierre (of the Scientifique Tribe in TDA).

    Freedom-∞ takes place in Greece during the 19th century, when they fought for their freedom against the Ottoman Empire. D…

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  • LionHeartKIng

    Zane Normal Summons "" (1100/600). He Sets 2 Spells/Traps, face-down, ending his turn. (Zane's deck: 35)

    Doris draws. She activates "Cyber Research Gashat, Perfect Puzzle" from her hand, Tributing her "Cyber Research, Brave" from her hand to Ritual Summon "Cyber Research, Para-DX" (2500/2000). She uses the effect of "Para-DX" gained by "Perfect Puzzle", adding "Cyber Research Gashat, Knockout Fighter" from her Deck to her hand, and activating it immediately, Tributing her "Cyber Research, Snipe" from her hand to Ritual Summon another copy of "Para-DX" (2500/2000). She uses the first "Para-DX"'s effect, banishing "Perfect Puzzle" and "Knockout Fighter" from her Graveyard to double "Para-DX"'s ATK for this turn only. (Para-DX: 2500 -> 5000/200…

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  • LionHeartKIng

    Non-canon Duel.

    Nora Normal Summons "Harvest Musou - Zangetsu Shin" (2000/1500). She Sets 1 Spell/Trap, face-down, ending her turn.

    Zane draws. Since only Nora controls a monster, he Special Summons "" (2100/1600) from his hand by its effect. "Cyber Dragon" attacks and destroys "Zangetsu Shin" (Nora: 4000 -> 3900). He activates "" from his hand, using "Cyber Dragon" that he controls and 2 other "Cyber Dragons" from his hand to Fusion Summon "" (4000 > 8000/2800 by its effect). He Normal Summons "" (300/800). He Sets 1 Spell/Trap from his hand, face-down, and uses the effect of "Cyber Kirin" Tributing it to make any effect damage Zane would take 0 for this turn. (He used it to nullify the damage he would take from "Power Bond".) He ends his tur…

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  • LionHeartKIng

    NOTE: This is a non-canon duel.

    Doris uses the effect of "Cyber Research Gashat, Mighty Action X" in her hand, revealing it to add "Cyber Research, Ex-Aid" from her Deck to her hand. She activates "Mighty Action X" from her hand, Tributing "Cyber Research, Ride-Player Nico" from her hand (treating as a whole Tribute) to Ritual Summon "Ex-Aid" from her hand. (2500/2000). She uses the effect of "Cyber Research Gashat, Taddle Quest" from her hand, revealing it to add "Cyber Research, Brave" from her Deck to her hand. She activates "Taddle Quest" from her hand, Tributing "Cyber Research, Lazer" from her hand to Ritual Summon "Brave" (2500/2000). She Sets 1 Spell/Trap from her hand, face-down.

    Pierre draws. He activates "Masterplan Physicist's Ri…

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