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  • LionHeartKIng

    Slade, Dragonic Gazer
    Stage 1
    3000 HP
    1600 STR
    600 DEF
    Attack Class: Physical/Melee
    Flavor text: A stranger, yet graceful, creature whose gaze slays even the wildest of creatures.
    Passives: ● Sure-kill Impact: This card's attacks will automatically kill any Soul under 2000 HP.
    Techniques: ● Slaying Gaze: [Attack] Gain 300 STR until the end of battle, then attack 1 opposing monster. Switch to Defense Stance after damage calculation.
    Ascension: 1 Stage 1 Thunder Material + 1 Stage 1 monster > "Slain Slade, Dragonic Seer"

    Slain Slade, Dragonic Seer
    Stage 2
    5000 HP
    2100 STR
    1400 DEF
    Attack Class: Physical/Melee
    Flavor text: A creature who predicts the bad omens of those she confronts. One gazing of this creatures towards an opp…

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  • LionHeartKIng

    Now we introduce another character, named Yuriko Kobayashi. Her deck focuses on avoiding attacks by temporarily removing her Wind-Element units from the game and bringing them back, spearheaded by her ace card, .

    Very Very Far Away B.
    Wind-Element Starter
    30 Power
    30 Stamina
    (Upgrades to .)

    Spelling B.
    Wind-Element Creature
    90 Power
    90 Stamina
    (Upgrades to .)
    If this card is upgraded from , you can search your Library for 1 Wind-Element Creature, except During your opponent's turn, you can remove this card from the game for this turn and make an opponent's Creature lose 50 Power and Stamina for this turn.

    Queen the B.
    Wind-Element Creature
    240 Power
    220 Stamina
    Cannot be called, except by upgrading from . If this card is called, you can specifically call …

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  • LionHeartKIng

    First, we have Doris's upgrade series which will have her ace Creature, "Clockwork Queen, Nikki "B"".

    Clockwork Squire, Lindsay
    Time-Element Creature
    60 Power
    70 Stamina
    (Upgrades to .)
    If this card is called, you can send 1 card from your hand to the Drop Zone to draw 1 card. If this card is upgraded to , you can place 1 from your Library underneath .

    Clockwork Dominatrix, Whitney
    Time-Element Creature
    160 Power
    140 Stamina
    (Upgrades to .)
    This card inherits the original Power and Stamina of the Creatures underneath this card. Once during this turn, you can look at the top card of your Library, and if it is a Time-Element Creature, place it underneath this card. Otherwise, place it to the bottom of your Library.

    Clockwork Queen, Nikki "B"

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  • LionHeartKIng

    Including my first Shadowverse Card.

    Starving Venom Fusion Dragon
    Craft: Shadowcraft
    Trait: -
    Unevolved Stats: 5/5
    Fanfare: Destroy an enemy follower. Add its attack and defense to this follower's attack and defense.
    Evolved Stats: 6/6
    Last Words: Destroy all enemy's upgraded follower.

    Not sure if it was fair, not asking to, it is based off a real Yu-Gi-Oh! Card.

    Now onto some more Universals, we have our first sneak peek of Nel'zios's Universal deck, which focuses on the Prism-Element Creatures that bars you from using the upgrade thing, relying on low-Power and Stamina Creatures to achieve the goals, while the higher-stat ones focus on field advantage.

    Here are some cards.

    Young Dragon with Eyes of Prism
    Prism-Element Starter
    70 Power
    60 Stamina

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  • LionHeartKIng

    A Time-related theme that is centered towards low-Power and Stamina Creatures who inherit their stats to the units she upgrades. Because of the nature of her Library, her deck is centered towards Upgrade series, including her starter "Clockwork Maiden, Fernandez".

    Clockwork Maiden, Fernandez
    Time-Element Starter
    50 Power
    50 Stamina
    (Upgrades to "Clockwork Blader, Sam".)

    Clockwork Blader, Sam
    Time-Element Creature
    120 Power
    90 Stamina
    (Upgrades to "Clockwork Dominion, Koleen".)
    This card inherits the original Power and Stamina of the Creatures underneath this card. If this Creature is defeated, you can specifically call 1 "Clockwork Maiden, Fernandez" from your Drop Zone, then it gains 50 Power and 30 Stamina.

    Clockwork Dominion, Koleen
    Time-Element Cre…

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