Template will come soon™ on this wiki. For now, some monsters for the Oceania region

1500 Power
800 Stamina
If you possess only Oceanian Region creatures, boost this card's Power by 500. If this card is defeated and sent to the Samsara Zone, you can search your Library for 1 "Yowie" and add it to your hand.

1500 Power
700 Stamina
If you possess only Oceanian Region creatures, you can choose 1 Creature your Adversary possesses, and then it loses 600 Power.

The Giant Devil Dingo
5500 Power
2000 Stamina
(Send 2 Oceanian Region Creatures you possess with the same original Power to your Samsara Zone)
If this card is specially called, you can have 1 Creature your Adversary possesses lose Power equal to the common original Power the creatures you sent to the Samsara Zone had. This creature gains 500 Power for each Oceanian Region Creature in your Samsara Zone.

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