• Forestfleet

    Started an RP

    August 9, 2015 by Forestfleet

    Yo, first ever RP thread and the RP forum have both been made. Go nuts with this guys.

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  • Forestfleet

    Spoilers for Forestfleet's Numbershots on FFN.

    -Next Numbershot will feature IV and Shark

    -Cards IV will use consist of: Number 48: Gimmick Puppet - Cantilever, Gimmick Puppet Brazen Bull, and Gimmick Puppet Breaking Wheel.

    -Shark will use: along with . 

    -The Number Distributor returns and duels Yuma. Yuma pushes back with new "Gagaga" monsters and support cards along with old members and friends. 

    -The Numbers Club starts its operations again.

    -The true identity of "Nasch" is revealed to Jenaveve.

    -Jenaveve will use Constellar Ptolemy - oh, wait, no one's listening either way.

    -"Nasch" Ranks-Up.

    -We finally get to figure out what happened to Yata-Garasu!!!

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  • Forestfleet

    I Created a Contest

    February 9, 2015 by Forestfleet

    I'm an admin, and I'm bored.

    [Say it louder!]

    I'm an admin, and I'm bored!




    {Boring isn't quite the word I'd say.}

    So, anyway, I created the first card creation contest for this wiki mostly because there's nothing for an admin/Bcrat/whoever to do around here besides make cards and pretend they look good. So I thought bringing the community together was a nice thing to do. 

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  • Forestfleet

    Neglected Archetypes

    November 16, 2014 by Forestfleet

    So, everyone, I plan for my fanmade booster packs to help support old archetypes that have been neglected (meaning they haven't seen any support for a year, aren't meta, and aren't exactly too powerful. The longer it's been since they've gotten support, the better). What do you people think should be supported more?

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