Heyo, it's Trey Arclight.

So why here? Edit

Pop culture cards have been something I loved making ever since I got into custom Yu-Gi-Oh! In fact, it was where I started making cards. Digging up a lot of stuff I found on my old Card Maker account, I got a lot of ideas for new cards and even stories I might want to write in the future.

But yeah, things will be fun as hell here, I can tell that much. Keep up the good spamming work. :P

To-Do List Edit

  • Finish up Therestina's Duel Logs
  • Decklists for Pokemon characters
  • Finish importing Pokemon-ex from the Pokemon TCG

Project and Setting Ideas Edit

On Hold Edit

  • Re: Arc-V
  • The Homestuck AU thing with the Arsenal Fighters from like 2015 lol
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