Ptah of the Red Flame
Attribute Nuva FIRE FIRE
Material "Orbis Iroa Ptah" + "Orbis Force - Ptah"
[ Cyberse / Data Upgrade / Effect ]
"Orbis Iroa Ptah" injected with "Orbis Force - Ptah"
(This card is also always treated as "Orbis Iroa Ptah". This card cannot be destroyed, except by battle with or by the effect of an "Iroa" monster.)
"Ptah" monsters cannot be Summoned. The activation and effects of Spells in your possession cannot be negated. If there are no Spells in your Graveyard, destroy this card. If this card attacks an opponent's monster, at the start of the Battle Step, the opponent's monster's effects are negated (if any), it loses 500 ATK for each Spell in your Graveyard (max. 2500), and this card gains an equal amount of ATK. These changes last until the end of the Battle Step. You can activate any of the following effects, but you must banish 1 Spell from your Graveyard immediately after it resolves.
●Once per turn, when your opponent's monster declares an attack, you can negate the attack.
●If you would take damage by battle or by card effect, you can make that damage 0.
ATK / 0   DATA-7
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