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Archetype Summoning Method(s) Description
Sea Gospel Tribute A Tribute Summon focused Archetype, consisting of monsters with various types and attributes. They use their effects to Normal Summon mulitple times per turn and not only from the hand, to provide Tribute Fodder for the Sea Gospel Deitys. They are based on the Cthulhu-Myth.
Phantom Hourglass Ritual / Xyz A fast-paced WATER Machine-Type Ritual Archetype. Using their ever-recurring Ritual Spell Card, they amass Level 1 Monsters on the field to perform Rank 1 Xyz Summons. *currently incomplete*
Mirror Pond Pendulum / Fusion A WATER Fiend and Fairy-Type Archetype that uses Contact Fusion. Their general plays involve constantly switching around the stuff on the field, be it the opponents or their own.
Stellus Fusion / Synchro / Xyz A LIGHT Pyro-Type Omni-Summon themed Archetype. Divided in several sub-groups, they make use of various simple effects to quickly swarm the field with powerful Monsters, using the "Alig-Stellus" Spells to Summon multiple Extra Deck Monsters at once.
Felgrand Fusion / Synchro / Xyz Ain't an original theme, but rather an attempt to make Felgrand Dragon playable (note that the majority of them was made before the Felgrand Structure Deck).
Bacterachno Dark Synchro A DARK Insect-Type Dark Synchro Archetype, which focuses on decreasing the ATK of opponents Monsters by multiples of 300 while they are in the Graveyard, while supporting the boss monsters of the theme with hand trap effects.
Battleballoon Xyz A FIRE Machine-Type Xyz Archetype, which focuses on Summoning Monsters of different Ranks while controlling the field with various Continuous Spell and Trap Cards. Their higher ranked Monsters share effects which can attach large amounts of Xyz Materials to themselves, when the two strongest one are summoned via Xyz Evolution.
Summer Flame Pendulum Part of the Aetherknight Chronicles. A FIRE Wyrm-Type Archetype, consisting almost entirely of Level 10 Monsters with devastating effects and large ATK. Their scales restrict them to being only able to Pendulum Summon one Monster at a time.
True North Pendulum / Synchro Part of the Aetherknight Chronicles. A WATER Aqua and Fish-Type Archetype, focusing on self-banishing and Synchro Summon through the effects of their Fish-Type 'weapons'.
Whisperwind Pendulum / Ritual Part of the Aetherknight Chronicles. A WIND Psychic-Type Archetype focused on spinning and bouncing cards while Ritual Summoning using their Pendulum Effects. Their Ritual Monsters benefit of being Summoned using a larger number of tributes.
Elyria Pendulum / Fusion / Synchro Part of the Aetherknight Chronicles. A Normal Pendulum Archetype consisting of Monsters with various types and Attributes. They constantly switch out their Pendulum Scales to advantage with their effects, while Summoning powerful Synchro and Fusion Monsters.
Aetherknight Pendulum / Tribute / Fusion / Synchro / Xyz Centerpiece of the Aetherknight Chronicles, constisting of the Monsters that were created when the Aetherknight merged with the other tribes.
Skyghost Bloom A WIND Winged Beast-Type Bloom Archetype, who focus on manipulating their "Current" Spell Cards. *will be completely revamped once Yu-Gi-Oh 10 Days is finished*
Empty Vessel Fracture An EARTH Fracture Archetype consisting of Spirit Monsters. *will be finished if I ever write a fanfic taking place in the Fracture Dimension*
Ravenus Xyz A DARK Winged Beast-Type Archetype focusing on stalling and Life Point gain. They use Rank-Down-Magics to slowly count down in their Xyz Monsters Ranks, until they reach Ravenus Silence Wings, which has an Alternate Win Condition.
Netherfly Ritual A FIRE Insect-Type Ritual Archetype, focusing on banishing their Insects to trigger various effects. Interestingly, the Archetype does not possess a single printed Ritual Spells, instead Ritual Summoning via other means.
Jetstream Synchro A WIND Winged Beast and Dragon-Type Archetype. They focus on quickly Synchro climbing through their Synchro Monsters to get access to their high level bosses. While the Main Deck Monsters are all Level 1, they possess Extra Deck Monsters of all Levels from 2 to 12.
Borders SO GODDAMN MANY A WIND Spellcaster-Type Archetype, focused on banishing, be it their own cards or the opponents. It has access to every Summoning Method (Custom or Canon) I got to know until I grew tired of making any more cards for the theme.
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