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Fine, fine, user page, I'll do as you say.. >.>


I am HelixReactor.

What's my real name? How can you call me? Well, I guess you can refer to me as--whoops, looks like our time for this interview is over - see ya some other day maybe!

Anyway, I'm not much of an active user here. I'm just a random passerby that occasionally shares his ideas whenever he has any. Nothing fascinating, but if they happen to inspire anyone, or, at the very least, entertain anyone, then I'm all good ^_^

Outside from CACing, I guess I do occasionally take care of a couple of other YGO-related matters, but I'm not much of a player. I don't mind playing against AIs, but I feel very uncomfortable facing other living beings, for a handful of obvious reasons.

Welp, bio-wise, I don't think there is much else worth adding. Moving on, then!

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