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{{Decklist 2|Shadow Shooter
|normal monsters=*[[Shadow Shooter Black Hedgehog]] x3
*[[Shadow Shooter Umbre Fox]]
*[[Shadow Shooter Night Jackal]] x2
*[[Shadow Shooter Familiar Bat]]
*[[Shadow Shooter Despairity Lynx]]
*[[Genthief of Nightopia]] x2
*[[Shadow Shooter Venemy Spider]]
*[[Resolute Colt]]
*[[Descendent of Berial]]
*[[Dark Battle Kaiser Lance]]
*[[Dark Battle Kaiser Axetran]]
|effect monsters=*[[Shadow Shooter Rhihi Dragon]]
*[[Shadow Shooter Jaeger Velgre]]
*[[Shadow Shooter Ultimate Sphinx]]
*[[Shadow Shooter Doom Cerberus]] x2
*[[Shadow Shooter Moon Rabbit]]
*[[Shadow Shooter Edge Templar]]
*[[Shadow Shooter Edge Witch]]
*[[Shadow Shooter Armageddon Kraken]]
*[[Shadow Shooter Chaos Ape]] x2
*[[Shadow Shooter Prime Pegasus]]
*[[Gargoyle Turret]]
*[[The Trumphet of Summoning Warriors]]
*[[Shadow Shooter Phantom Horseman]]
*[[Dark Battle Kaiser Crossbowne]]
*[[Dark Battle Kaiser Swordight]]
*[[Genthief of the Dark Tachyon]]
*[[Giant Gargoyle Turret]]
|fusion monsters=*[[Fantastic Phanthief]]
*[[Predator of Berial]]
|spells=*{{ygo|Card Destruction (Rush Duel)|Card Destruction}}
*{{ygo|Fusion (Rush Duel)|Fusion}}
*[[Shadow Shooting Gallery]]
*[[Shadow Shooting Reload]]
*[[Phantom's Recruitment]]
*[[Phantom's Treasure Trove]] x2
*[[Phantom's Freeze]]
*[[Destiny Warfare]]
*[[Battle Kaiser's Shield]]
*[[Artillery Impact]]
*[[Shock Brigade]]
*[[Monsoon of the Cold Assassin]]
|traps=*[[Shadow Shooting Mortar]]
*[[Shadow Shooting Attack Guidance]]
*[[Shadow Shooting Counterassault]]
*[[Phantom's Supressive Fire]]
*[[Phantom's Discharge]]
*[[Phantom's Battalion]]
*[[Phantom's Jamming]]
*[[Conquest of the Dark General]]
*[[Shadow Shooting Wall of Gunplay]] x2
*[[Phantom's Possession]]
*[[Edge Lord's Rage]]

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