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|monsters=<u>Effect Monsters</u>
*[[Zered Buster]]
*[[Zered Sabersman]] x2
*[[Zered Durga]] x2
*[[Zered Hanger]]
*[[Sigma Zered]]
*[[Zered Bashou]]
*[[Zered Titan]]
*[[Zered Kaiser]]
<u>Tuner Monsters</u>
*[[Zered Resonator]]
*[[Maverick Resonator]]
*{{Ygo|Dark Resonator}}
*{{Ygo|Double Resonator}}
*{{Ygo|Mirror Resonator}}
<u>Synchro Monsters</u>
*[[Zered Wyvern]]
*[[Zero Red Dragon Archfiend]]
*[[Infinite Red Dragon Archfiend]]
*{{Ygo|Crimson Blader}}
<u>Link Monsters</u>
*[[Iris the Zered Navigator]]
|spells=*[[Zered Reborn]] x2
*[[Zered Power]] x2
*[[Soul Blade]] x2
*[[Yammar Option]]
*[[Dark Hold]]
*[[Twin Dream]]
*[[Black Zered]]
*[[Absolute Zered]]
*{{Ygo|Mind Trust}}
*{{Ygo|Rising Fire}}
|traps=*[[Rending Light Rule]]
*[[Over Zered]]
*[[Zered Armor]]
*[[Zered Connection]]
*[[Zered Gazer]]
*[[Zered Gem]]
*[[Zered Soul]]
*[[Zered Vanish]]
*{{Ygo|King Scarlet}}
*{{Ygo|King's Synchro}}
*{{Ygo|Reject Reborn}}
*{{Ygo|Revival Gift}}
*{{Ygo|Vision Synchro}}
==Arms Duel Sets==
==Arms Duel Sets==
*[[The Duelists' Duty]]
*[[The Duelists' Duty]]

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