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Triassic Origins is a ???-themed Booster Pack. It is the seventh set in the ARC-V Kingdoms series, as well as the eighth and final set in the "Limit Break" series overall. It follows the Return from the Abyss set. It is followed by the Fate of the Duelist set.


The set contains cards from Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Kingdoms.

Cover card: Light-Eyes Chaosform Dragon

The set has a white galaxy as the background.

It includes new cards used by Yuka TsukimoriAmane TsukinoZero TsukimoriIrina and Ichikunose.

It introduces the "M.G." archetype(s). Contains more members and support for the "Jurrac", "Dragunity", "Worm", "Ally of Justice", "Morphtronic", and "Mist Valley" archetypes, as well as new support for cards introduced in the Crossroads of Chaos and Raging Battle sets.

Special thanks to LionHeartKing for his contributions to this and past sets.

Card List


There are 90 cards in total. These are comprised of