Tomoe Tsukimori is a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! D-ZERO and is Luna's older sister and the former heiress of the Tsukimori clan.


General Appearance

Tomoe has blue eyes, a common trait in the Tsukimori clan, and has short black hair. She is 5'6" in height.

First arc outfit

Tomoe wears a black t-shirt that exposes her abdomen with the golden Tsukimori crest on the center, blue jeans, and a chain worn on the left side of her jeans.


Tomoe appears as a seemingly emotionless individual. She also appears seemingly uncaring towards her younger sister, Luna, having been responsible for the near-extinction of the Tsukimori main house family members as well as most of Luna's friends in the past.


Tomoe uses a "Magician" Deck also focused on Synchro Summoning.

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