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A Time Leap Monster is a Monster Type located in the Extra Deck. Instead of Levels, they have "Futures". They are summoned from the Extra Deck by meeting certain requirements and banishing monsters you control. Archetypes using Time Leap Monsters include, “Slingsect”, “Timegear”,”Bravery Sword”, and “Ashmouth

Timegear Timegate Dragon.png

Example: To Summon this monster, you must banish a Machine-Type monster that is 1 Level lower than its Future, while your opponent has 2 or more cards in their hand.

But there are other restrictions aswell. You may only Time Leap Summon once per turn, and if a Time Leap Monster would be send to the GY (Graveyard), it gets "Time Banished" instead.

Time Banished Monsters are face-up banished Monsters, who are treated as face-down banished cards for the effects of cards like "D.D.R - Different Dimension Reincarnation" or "Burial From a Different Dimension", but can be normally interacted with by non-specific effects using the banished zone.