• Hey, I know I asked so many requests but I have a question, If I was to choose which of the existing archetypes in TCG, OCG, Anime and/or Manga, which one would fit me the most, considering that I tried almost every single archetype or series and doesn't work out well, even if you would pit it in a online duel, heck even a custom duel using custom cards. So, which existing archetype out of all others would work for me.

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    • Depends on what your interests are. For instance, I like the WIND Attribute, so I find "Gusto" appealing, I like the Zombie-Type, so I find "Eldlich" appealing, I love FIRE, so I like "Fire Kings" and "Fire Fists". I also do like Winged Beasts, which part of the "Bujin" archetype is.

      The key is find out which Type and Attribute does it fit YOU best, and try to find decks that meet those criteria. But from some further explanation, since you were doing lots of gaming-related games, what about a Machine archetype a la Cyber Dragon or *cough* Orcust?

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    • I guess Cyber Dragon works.

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