• Hey, I thought of a archetype called Copizoid, they are Earth Machine monsters that focus on copying effects of monsters,spells and traps your opponent owns whether they are in the hand, field, or GY while they have their own unique effect. Their spells/traps support their copying effects.


    The effect of each Copizoid reads as follows.

    Once per turn (Quick Effect): You can target 1 card in your opponent's hand, on their field, or in their GY; this card gains the targeted card's effect(s) until the end of this turn. (if the targeted card is set, reveal it.)


    Their appearance are either humanoid or animal-like.


    Copizoid is probably a portmanteau of Copy, Gizmo, and Roid.


    Here are the requests.

    Effect Monsters:

    • Copizoid Leo
    • Copizoid Magician
    • Copizoid Knight
    • Copizoid Soldier
    • Copizoid Warrior
    • Copizoid Girl
    • Copizoid Elephant
    • Copizoid Dragon
    • Copizoid Shark
    • Copizoid Rabbit
    • Copizoid Cerberus
    • Copizoid Hawk


    • Get'Em Copizoid
    • Maximum Skill
    • Skill Change
    • Copy Cyclone
    • Copizoid Reborn
    • Copy Draw


    • Copy Avatar
    • Mimicopy
    • Scan Complete

    Also, if you know any recommended existing support from not TCG/OCG but Anime/Manga as well, let me know.

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