• I have an idea about an archetype with the name "Blood King" composed of Reptile monsters (mostly snakes), with Level changing effect that help on Dark Synchro Summoning. But I know don't know how to contructed or organize it to make it functional, any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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    • Well, I have some ideas here, so take which one you prefe the most:

      • I would like to see some originally low-Level Dark Tuners that can change their Levels radically, with the non-Dark Tuner Main Deckers making the searching and getting the Dark Tuners on the field easier.
      • Graveyard effects to aid with perhaps the best Reptile support right now, "Snake Rain".
      • LP-relating effects, like draining your opponent's LP piece by piece and regaining that much of them, since they are "Blood King" archetype (which kinda remind me of Vampires).
      • Harming your opponent's monsters' ATK, much like "Venom" monsters do (funnily, Yuri doesn't use Venoms, even if his Dragon is one).
      • Generic Reptile support, because, let's face it, Reptiles is one of the worst supported Types here and as said earlier, the best support is a mill 4 Spell with a discard cost.

      That's what I can see from that. Good luck. :)

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    • Thanks, I'll take all this into account¬†:)

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