• Yeah, here we go, this is just gonna be a (relatively) normal tournament for the wiki to join, or even people who technically aren't a part of the wiki.

    The rules:

    -This will take place on Dueling Network under the Advanced (Unrated) section.

    -We will be following Official KDE Tournament Penalty Guidelines.

    -Central Standard Time will be used.

    -I will be head judge.

    -The number of rounds of swiss will depend on the number of participants. There may be quarter-finals, or only semi-finals.

    -You have to give a decklist to the head judge before you can be approved. This includes both your Deck and Side Deck. 

    Extra Tournament Rules.

    -If you exploit loopholes in the tournament rulings, then that will be considering an A.S.S. move, and you will be disqualified. 

    -No rulesharking.

    -There are thirty minutes to a round before we enter sudden death. To make sure someone doesn't try to exploit sudden death, you have one minute to make your first move in a turn, and you are not allowed to spend more than thirty seconds without making a move, otherwise you will receive a Warning.

    -A DX (X being the number of participants) will be used to determine who duels who.

    To join, use this template:

    I, [Your name], register myself in this tournament, with this Deck [Show a Decklist]. 

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