• How do I start a thread? This is so confusing...

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    • Lol, we are in a thread.

      Check out the URL.

      Well, I hold the right to create any number of "sub-forums" and I want your help of how to name it.

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    • No. I mean, like how you made those games, with words and acronyms and stuff like that..

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    • Well, you see the URL, k?

      Delete everything after /wiki/ , and replace with the name of the page you want to create (e.g. Best Video Game).

      Then, click on "Create", where it points out. Right now, it is below the name of the thread, because of changes of wiki.

      Type what you want in the editor.

      Click on "publish".


      This might help.

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    • Oh, that's kewl.

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    • Ofc it is.

      Oh wait.

      Cookie responds in an Ala's page without it being a topic.


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    • So that creates a thread or a category?

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    • IK


      >Go here

      >Go to whatever board needed for the thread to create (Forum Games in forum games, might create more if you wish).

      >Click on "Start Discussion" and type what you want.

      > Type the title of your thread and the content of the thread.

      >Click on "Post"


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    • I think I finally got it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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