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Card Attribute: ???
Card Type(s): [ Amorphous/Effect ]
Level: Level 12 Level starLevel starLevel starLevel starLevel starLevel starLevel starLevel starLevel starLevel starLevel starLevel star
ATK/DEF:  ??? / ???
Card Lore:

Cannot be Normal Summoned/set. Must be Special Summoned by banishing 3 monsters form your GY that were destroyed by battle with the same monster while you activated 3 or more spell cards since your last turn and have the same ammount in cards in your hands, while your LP's are the same as your opponent's and while you have a number of banished cards divisible by the ammount of cards in both player's deck + 10. The ATK and DEF of this monster are equal to the modulus indicator of all monsters you control that were Special Summoned x the half of your opponent's LP divided by the double of the ammount of cards in their hand. If this monster is destroyed by battle with a monster that destroyed 7 or more monsters you control with different attributes, while you activated 5 or more traps in response to the activation of spell and trap cards from the field that destroyed less cards than the current number of turns, you can target 1 card in your GY that remained there by a number of turns equal than or higher than the current number of turns x the number of cards in the Pendulum Zones(min 1); send 1 card from your hand that was added there by the effect of a Spell/Trap card and if you do, add that card to your hand.The attribute of this monster is equal to the attribute of the number of monsters in your GY that were sent there by the effects of counter traps that were activted while their controllers had 2 or more cards in the same row as these counter traps.If 2 or more monsters with the same type, attribute and modulus indicator you control are destroyed, but not sent to the same place, while you have less cards in your hand than your opponent has in theirs, you can gain 1000 LP's. This monster gains 1000 ATK for each monster in the GY sent there by the effects of Quick-Play spell cards and monsters with the same attribute as this monster.If the number of cards of cards in both player's GY divided by the number of cards each player has in hands and control is less than the level of this monster, neither player can attack with, or activate monster effects whose ATK multiplied by it's modulus indicator is equal to or less than half of the ATK of this monster multiplied by 12.If the numberof cards in your GY and Deck are equal and divisible by the ATK of a monster(sO your opponent controls with the lowest ATK, you can send 1 card from your hand to the GY.If the combined ATK of all monster each player controls respectively has a difference of 2000 or more, while both players activated a number of spell cards in ths duel that is divisible by the result, you can draw 1 card. If this monster is sent from the field to the GY during the turn that 5 or more spell cards were activated while you control at least 3 Special Summoned that destroyed 2or more monsters with differente attributed, you can shuffle all cards in the GY into the decks. If a monster is Special Summoned to the Extra Monster Zone, you can target 2 cards on the field that were placed there by card effects; shuffle them into the deck. This monster gains 400 DEF each card banished that was banished before each Battle Phase. If the number of Special Summoned Monster each players controls are equal to the number of face-up spell and trap cards on the field, you can Skip 1 Phase from both player's turns.Once each 3 turns, you can bond all monsters on the field, also, this monster is unaffected by card effects. These effects lasts for that turn only.If you activated 3 or more cards or effects this turn, you can discard 1 card from any hand. If you convince your opponent that Kurisu Makise is the best waifu, you befriend him. You can apply 1 of these effects basing on the number of spell cards in both player's GY:

  • 1 + = Target 1 Link Monster in your GY: Special Summon it to your Extra Monster Zone, but if your opponent controls less monster than you do, you can Special Summon that monster to a Main Monster Zone, instead
  • 2+: You can toss a coin and call it 3 times: destroy a number of cards on the field and in any hand equal to the number of heads
  • 3+ = Add 1 "Amorphous"monsters from your deck to your hand, but with another name

4+ = Target 1 or more monsters in your GY with effect: banish it and this monster gains that monster effect for this turn only, also, this monster 600 ATK for each effect gained this way

  • 5+ = If your opponent Special Summon a monster (inherent or by effect), you can tribute 1 monster you control with higher ATK; For the rest of this turn and until the end of your next turn, your opponent cannot Special Summon monsters with ATK equal than or lower than the ATK of the tributed monster.
  • 6 + = You have 2 minutes to prove to your opponent that Synchro is the most awesome and badass summon, otherwise, you take 1000 damage and your opponent can add 1 monster from your Extra Deck to his own Extra Deck(eventhough its likely that he will refuse only to see you suffering with this effect, DUH!). If you can prove or if both likes Synchros, you gain 3000 LP (This effect is a cheap copy from the effect of Squinting Eyes and i regret nothing.)
  • 7 + = You gain 3 minutes to go to the bathroom or eat someting. If you return before the time ends, you can inflict 1000 damage to your opponent x the difference of time left and the original ammount of time.
  • 8 + = You waste time reading this
  • 9 + = all monsters on the field gains 1000 ATK and DEF but neither player takes any battle damage involving them.
  • 10 = You can look 2 cards in your opponent's hand, Extra Deck or set cards in their field.
  • 11= who knows? Just keep reading this as i think on something
  • 12 = You can take 1 card from your opponent's GY and either add to your hand or banish it.
  • 13 = I don't know what to write here as an effect
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