The Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode
The Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode
Japan-flag Romaji Rā no Yokushinryū - Sufia Mōdo
Japan-flag Translated Winged Divine Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode
Creator Yugiohchamp89
Attribute Divine Divine
Type(s) [ Divine-Beast/Effect ]
Level 10 Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2
ATK / DEF 0 / 0
Summoned by "[[Tribute 3 monsters]]"
Status "Unlimited"
Effect type(s) Summon, Summon, Continuous, Ignition
This card cannot be Special Summoned. Requires 3 Tributes to Normal Summon (cannot be Normal Set). Unaffected by other cards' effects. This card cannot attack. When this card is Tribute Summoned and Hieratic Text is said: You can Tribute this card; Special Summon 1 "The Winged Dragon of Ra" from your hand, Deck, or Graveyard, and if you do, its ATK/DEF become the combined ATK/DEF of the monsters Tributed for this card's Tribute Summon.
Summon chant Almighty protector of the sun and sky, I beg of thee, please heed my cry. Transform thyself from orb of light and bring me victory in this fight. I beseech thee, grace our humble game. But first I shall call out thy name, WINGED DRAGON OF RA!
Sets JOTD-EN053 Journey Through the Decade
Rarity Gold Rare
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