The Duelists' Duty is the first booster pack to introduce Arm Monsters and Arms Duels exclusive cards.


Set no. English name Rarity Category
DUDT-EN001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Valiant Rare Normal Monster
DUDT-EN002 Kaiser Sea Horse Super Rare Effect Monster
DUDT-EN003 Lord of D. Rare Effect Monster
DUDT-EN004 Armed Force Dragon Valiant Rare Arms Monster
DUDT-EN005 MB-5 Devastator Super Rare Arms Monster
DUDT-EN006 Star-Spangled Warrior Super Rare Arms Monster
DUDT-EN007 Attack Chopper Rare Arms Monster
DUDT-EN008 Commando Dragon Common Effect Monster
DUDT-EN009 Kinetic Knight Common Effect Monster
DUDT-EN010 Storm Shooter Common Effect Monster
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