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The Duelist's Soul! is a Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG) and Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the second set. It is followed by Legendary Duelists: Duel Monsters. (This Pack is: Unofficial by official means.) My 2nd Custom List of cards & Pack! Fan made cards made from within a Duelist Soul from all over the world. Also from Yu-Gi-Oh! Series n Movie's. Connection of a Duelist Soul is everything! Yugi, Jaden & Yusei know this in their own way!



The Duelist's Soul! contains Support for the "Dragonball", "Sacred Palladium", "Egyptian Gods", "Blue-Eyes", and other archetypes.


The set contains 208 cards. This is comprised of:

--142 Monsters--

--47 Spells--

--21 Traps--


Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
TDS1-EN001 Bastet Rare Normal Monster
TDS1-EN002 Curse of Dragon Ultra Rare Normal Monster
TDS1-EN003 Dynamus the Black Flame Dragon LV8 Secret Rare Normal Monster
TDS1-EN004 Stardust Trumpeter Common Normal Monster
TDS1-EN005 Dark Magician Gold Rare Normal Monster
TDS1-EN006 Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine Super Rare Normal Monster
TDS1-EN007 Bandit Keith Rare Normal Monster
TDS1-EN008 Elemental Hero Neos Gold Rare Normal Monster
TDS1-EN009 Kakashi Hatake Super Rare Normal Monster
TDS1-EN010 Knight of Silence, Gallatin Rare Normal Monster
TDS1-EN011 Rebecca Hawkins Rare Normal Monster
TDS1-EN012 Sakura Haruno Rare Normal Monster
TDS1-EN013 Dragonball Z - Chiaotzu and Tien Promo Normal Monster
TDS1-EN014 Dragonball Z - Goku Promo Normal Monster
TDS1-EN015 Dragonball Z - Vegeta Promo Normal Monster
TDS1-EN016 Dragonball Z - Yamcha Promo Normal Monster
TDS1-EN017 Toon Winged Dragon of Ra Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN018 Advanced Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN019 Advanced Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN020 Advanced Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN021 Advanced Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN022 Advanced Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN023 Fenrir of the Aesir Beasts Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN024 Armored Dragon Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN025 Blue-Eyes Darkness Dragon Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN026 Blue-Eyes Different Dimension Dragon Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN027 Bolshack Dragon Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN028 Dynamus the Black Baby Dragon Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN029 Dynamus the Black Flame Dragon LV5 Super Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN030 Dynamus, Enraged Dragon of Vengeance Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN031 Red-Eyes B. Baby Dragon Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN032 Zerias, the Twilight Overlord Dragon Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN033 Advanced Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN034 A.H. - Peaceful Conqueror Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN035 A.H. - The Black Balancer Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN036 A.H. - The Grim Reaper Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN037 A.H. - Warmonger Knight Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN038 Diabound Kernel Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN039 Illushu Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN040 Light Yagami Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN041 Yami Marik Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN042 Ancient Gear Statue Secret Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN043 Armor - Active Guard Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN044 Armor - Advanced Shield Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN045 Armor - Big Bang Blow Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN046 Armor - Black Hole Shield Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN047 Armor - Burning Knuckle Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN048 Armor - Buster Knuckle Super Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN049 Armor - Buster Pyle Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN050 Armor - Jet Gauntlet Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN051 Armor - Over Boost Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN052 Armor - Trap Buster Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN053 Autobot - Protoform Super Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN054 Brutal Jack Super Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN055 Decepticon - Protoform Super Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN056 Double Cloth Armor Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN057 Mech-Animal Antelope Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN058 Mech-Animal Bear Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN059 Mech-Animal Buffalo Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN060 Mech-Animal Cheetah Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN061 Mech-Animal Elephant Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN062 Mech-Animal Falcon Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN063 Mech-Animal Hummingbird Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN064 Mech-Animal Lion Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN065 Mech-Animal Orca Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN066 Mech-Animal Owl Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN067 Mech-Animal Rhino Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN068 Mech-Animal Tortoise Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN069 Mech-Animal Vulture Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN070 Mech-Animal Whale Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN071 Mech-Animal Wild Dogs Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN072 Mecha Tech Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN073 Psychic Armor Head Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN074 Ice Cluster Amaryllis Super Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN075 Ishizu Ishtar Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN076 Emissary of the Phantom Gods Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN077 Hexe Trude Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN078 Jester Queen Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN079 Legendary Magician of Chaos Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN080 Legendary Magician of Dark Gold Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN081 Toon Forbidden One - Exodia Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN082 A.G.Professor - Dr. V.Crowler Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN083 Duke Devlin Super Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN084 Gadius Super Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN085 Goku - Super Saiyan 1 Promo Effect Monster
TDS1-EN086 Kaibaman Secret Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN087 Kid Goku - Super Saiyan 1 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN088 Kid Goku - Super Saiyan 2 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN089 Kid Goku - Super Saiyan 3 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN090 Kirito The Swordsman Warrior Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN091 Legendary Knight Critias Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN092 Legendary Knight Hermos Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN093 Legendary Knight Timaeus Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN094 Mai Valentine Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN095 Mako Tsunami Super Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN096 Marik Ishtar Gold Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN097 Naruto Uzumaki Super Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN098 Odion Ishtar Super Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN099 Orgoth the Relentless Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN100 Team 7 - Team Kakashi Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN101 Weevil Underwood Super Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN102 Advanced Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle Common Effect Monster
TDS1-EN103 Spiria Super Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN104 Blue-Eyes Zombie Dragon Promo Effect Monster
TDS1-EN105 Graveyard Guardian Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN106 Ryuk the Shinigami Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN107 Takashi, the Fallen Six Samurai Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN108 Toon Slifer the Sky Dragon Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN109 Makara, the Nightmare of the Sea's Ultra Rare Ritual Monster
TDS1-EN110 Dragonball GT - Kid Goku Rare Ritual Monster
TDS1-EN111 Elric Brothers - Edward and Alphonse Ultra Rare Ritual Monster
TDS1-EN112 Obelisk The Progenitor Gold Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN113 Toon Obelisk the Tormentor Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDS1-EN114 Metal Revival Slime Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
TDS1-EN115 Amulet Dragon Gold Rare Fusion Monster
TDS1-EN116 Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight Gold Rare Fusion Monster
TDS1-EN117 Doom Virus Dragon Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
TDS1-EN118 Mirror Force Dragon Gold Rare Fusion Monster
TDS1-EN119 Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
TDS1-EN120 Tyrant Burst Dragon Gold Rare Fusion Monster
TDS1-EN121 Millennium Ma'at Gold Rare Fusion Monster
TDS1-EN122 Armored Big Bang Dragon Blow Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
TDS1-EN123 Cyber Delta-Omega Dragon Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
TDS1-EN124 Time Magic Hammer Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
TDS1-EN125 Black Luster Atem Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
TDS1-EN126 Elemental Hero Clay Guardian Common Fusion Monster
TDS1-EN127 Elemental Hero Neos Knight Ultimate Rare Fusion Monster
TDS1-EN128 Gilti-Gearfried the Magical Steel Knight Common Fusion Monster
TDS1-EN129 Goddess Bow Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
TDS1-EN130 Goku Muto Ultimate Rare Fusion Monster
TDS1-EN131 Mighty Flame Swordsman Ultimate Rare Fusion Monster
TDS1-EN132 Millennium Shield Gardna Gold Rare Fusion Monster
TDS1-EN133 Timaeus the Knight of Destiny Gold Rare Fusion Monster
TDS1-EN134 Vegeta Kaiba Ultimate Rare Fusion Monster
TDS1-EN135 Majestic Rose Dragon Ultra Rare Synchro Monster
TDS1-EN136 Stardust Dragon Gold Rare Synchro Monster
TDS1-EN137 Sea Serpent Crystal Dragon Super Rare Synchro Monster
TDS1-EN138 King of Knights, Alfred Ultra Rare Synchro Monster
TDS1-EN139 Legendary Six Samurai, Takashi Ultimate Rare Synchro Monster
TDS1-EN140 Player Token Ultra Rare Token Monster
TDS1-EN141 Anti-Attribute Art - EARTH Super Rare Continuous Spell Card
TDS1-EN142 Anti-Attribute Art - WATER Super Rare Continuous Spell Card
TDS1-EN143 Armored Gravitation Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
TDS1-EN144 Big Bang Kamehameha! Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
TDS1-EN145 Bond Between Teacher and Student Ultimate Rare Normal Spell Card
TDS1-EN146 Cup of Sealed Soul Super Rare Normal Spell Card
TDS1-EN147 Dark Magic Twin Burst Gold Rare Normal Spell Card
TDS1-EN148 Data Brain Common Equip Spell Card
TDS1-EN149 Dawn of the Apocalypse Horsemen Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
TDS1-EN150 Desert Field Common Field Spell Card
TDS1-EN151 Dice Dungeon Rare Field Spell Card
TDS1-EN152 Dimension Dice Super Rare Normal Spell Card
TDS1-EN153 Divine Evolution Gold Rare Normal Spell Card
TDS1-EN154 Fallout Gold Rare Normal Spell Card
TDS1-EN155 Full Armor Gravitation Common Normal Spell Card
TDS1-EN156 Fullmetal Alchemist Ritual Ultra Rare Ritual Spell Card
TDS1-EN157 Jungle Field Common Field Spell Card
TDS1-EN158 Legend of Heart Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
TDS1-EN159 Magma Field Common Field Spell Card
TDS1-EN160 Mech-Animal Crashing Common Quick-Play Spell Card
TDS1-EN161 Mech-Animal Prey or Predator Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
TDS1-EN162 Mech-Animal Recovery Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
TDS1-EN163 Mech-Animal Stampede Common Continuous Spell Card
TDS1-EN164 Mech-Animal Swarming Common Quick-Play Spell Card
TDS1-EN165 Millennium Ring Gold Rare Equip Spell Card
TDS1-EN166 Millennium Rod Gold Rare Equip Spell Card
TDS1-EN167 Millennium Stone Gold Rare Normal Spell Card
TDS1-EN168 Miracle Stone Common Continuous Spell Card
TDS1-EN169 Obligatory Summon Gold Rare Normal Spell Card
TDS1-EN170 Phoenix Gravitation Common Normal Spell Card
TDS1-EN171 Rasengan Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
TDS1-EN172 Reincarnation of Hope Gold Rare Normal Spell Card
TDS1-EN173 Sea's Nightmare Ultra Rare Ritual Spell Card
TDS1-EN174 Seal of Serket Super Rare Normal Spell Card
TDS1-EN175 Seven-Coloured Rasengan Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
TDS1-EN176 Slifer's Orb Ultimate Rare Normal Spell Card
TDS1-EN177 Soul of Obelisk Ultimate Rare Normal Spell Card
TDS1-EN178 Space Field Common Field Spell Card
TDS1-EN179 Symbol of Friendship Ultimate Rare Continuous Spell Card
TDS1-EN180 The Eye of Ra Ultimate Rare Normal Spell Card
TDS1-EN181 The Eye of Timaeus Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
TDS1-EN182 The Fang of Critias Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
TDS1-EN183 The Open Field of Mech-Animals Common Field Spell Card
TDS1-EN184 Titan Firestorm Gold Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
TDS1-EN185 Turn Jump Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
TDS1-EN186 Wind Release: Rasenshuriken Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
TDS1-EN187 The Claw of Hermos Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
TDS1-EN188 Anti-Attribute Art - LIGHT Super Rare Normal Trap Card
TDS1-EN189 Anti-Attribute Art - WIND Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
TDS1-EN190 Attack Guidance Armor Gold Rare Continuous Trap Card
TDS1-EN191 Aura Armor Common Normal Trap Card
TDS1-EN192 Dark Spiral Force Gold Rare Normal Trap Card
TDS1-EN193 Deck Destruction Virus Gold Rare Continuous Trap Card
TDS1-EN194 Divine Rebirth Gold Rare Normal Trap Card
TDS1-EN195 Father-Son Kamehameha Secret Rare Counter Trap Card
TDS1-EN196 Magnet Armor Common Normal Trap Card
TDS1-EN197 Malefic Force Gold Rare Normal Trap Card
TDS1-EN198 Malefic Paradigm Shift Gold Rare Normal Trap Card
TDS1-EN199 Mech-Animal Pounce Common Normal Trap Card
TDS1-EN200 Mech-Animal Smokescreen Common Normal Trap Card
TDS1-EN201 Monster Baton Common Continuous Trap Card
TDS1-EN202 Neos Spiral Force Gold Rare Normal Trap Card
TDS1-EN203 Reverse of Reverse Gold Rare Normal Trap Card
TDS1-EN204 Stardust Mirage Gold Rare Normal Trap Card
TDS1-EN205 Transmutation Circle Ultra Rare Continuous Trap Card
TDS1-EN206 Tri-Holy Advent Gold Rare Continuous Trap Card
TDS1-EN207 United Friendship of Ninja Squads Common Normal Trap Card
TDS1-EN208 Wrath of the Egyptian Gods! Common Normal Trap Card