The Dark Specters is a pack will be made celebrating the birthdate of Yu-Gi-Oh! Me


the cover

Featured Cards:[edit | edit source]

This pack features new cards and support for "Fiber Vine", "Daighost", and "Knifewing.

Three Illegal versions of "Paintress Goghi"," Carole, Queen of Fiber Vine",  and "Marghoe, Queen of Beautiful Vine"

List:[edit | edit source]

Set Number Legacy English Name Japanese name rarity Catgeory
TDSP-en-001 Illegal Carole, Queen of Fiber Vine F・Vine 女王キャロル Rare Normal Monster
TDSP-en-002 Jungle Gal of Fiber Vine Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
TDSP-en-003 Unrevealed Fly Common Effect Monster
TDSP-en-004 Knifewing Captain KWナイフウィングキャプティン Parallel Rare Fusion Monster
TDSP-en-005 Moe Grimoire Zgondaria 萌えグリモアザゴンダ ??? Effect Monster
TDSP-en-006 Red Yukiron RED 由紀 ベイブ Secret Rare Effect Monster
TDSP-en-007 Lolyrekt ロリ事故 Trap Card
TDSP-en-008 Daighost Eghoul Ultimate Rare Synchro Monster
TDSP-en-009 Twin-Headed Beast of Fiber vine F・Vine ツイン頭シング ??? Effect Monster
TDSP-en-010 Illegal Painrtess Goghi (original) ミストレスゴッホペイント Secret Rare Pendulum Normal Monster
TDSP-en-011 Carole, Queen of Fiber Vine 2 F・Vine キャロル、第二の女王 Ultimate Rare Evolute Monster
TDSP-en-012 Knifewing Prince Super Rare Fusion Monster
TDSP-en-013 Paintress-Ama Radiant Goghi Ultimate Rare Synchro Monster
TDSP-en-014 Ugly Dakazye UGLY DAKAZYE Star Rare Normal Monster
TDSP-en-015 A Very Ugly Dakazye FUGLY DAKAZYE Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
TDSP-en-016 Stella, Princess of Fiber Vine F・Vine ヨナII、王女 ??? Ritual Monster
TDSP-en-017 Illegal Marghoe, Queen of Beautiful Vine (Illegal) Paralel Rare Normal Monster
TDSP-en-018 Fallen Angel - Hikari Common Normal Monster
TDSP-en-019 Petrokanaswiradeadshinefarakosiana Common Normal Monster
TDSP-en-020 Samid, Seed of Fiber Vine F・Vine Samid ??? Effect Monster
TDSP-en-021 Knifewing Cutter KWナイフウィングカター Common Effect Monster
TDSP-en-022 CAC-V Crime Arrest Crow CAC-Ⅴ 犯罪手配クロウ Rare Special Summon Monster
TDSP-en-023 Fiber Vine Tigeragon F・Vine タイガードラゴン Parallel Rare Ritual Monster
TDSP-en-024 Exelixis Magician Super Rare Pendulum Effect Monster
TDSP-en-025 Forest Wolf of Fiber Vine ??? Ritual Monster
TDSP-en-026 Yuzu, DARK Priestess of Magnificent Vine M・Vine ダーク巫女ゆず Common Effect Monster
TDSP-en-027 Re-Nest Common Normal Trap Card
TDSP-en-028 Life Saver Falcon Rare Effect Monster
TDSP-en-029 Knifewing Pursuer KWナイフウィングパスーアー Common Effect Monster
TDSP-en-030 Puff Puff Ladybug of Fiber Vine F・Vine パフパフてんとう虫 ??? Effect Monster
TDSP-en-031 Chaotic's Forceful DNA Conversion カオス主の力強いDNAの変化 ??? Field Spell Card
TDSP-en-032 Chaotic Bestra II カオス主Bestra2 ??? Fusion Monster
TDSP-en-033 Vine Rituals Vine 儀式 ??? Ritual Spell Card
TDSP-en-034 Perfume of Treason 反逆の香水 ??? Equip Spell Card
TDSP-en-035 Chaotic Metal Snake CHAOS ロード ヘビ ??? Effect Monster
TDSP-en-036 Boooo! Oh Bean! ブー·ビーン ??? Effect Monster
TDSP-en-037 Primary Human Worm プライマリマネゴーストワーム ??? Normal Monster
TDSP-en-038 Primary Human Alien-Modeling Clay プライマリマンエイリアン・粘土 ??? Effect Monster
TDSP-en-039 Biroghi of Magnificent Vine M・Vine ゴッホ、翼のベーブ Star Rare Special Summon Monster
TDSP-en-040 Girl of Fiber Vine F・Vine ベイブ ??? Effect Monster
TDSP-en-041 Teteroid Square TR 平方 ??? Effect Monster
TDSP-en-042 Teteroid Warrior-Hooker TR 戦士、フッカー ??? Xyz Monster
TDSP-en-043 Carole, Archfiend Queen of Fiber Vine F・Vine デーモンギャルキャロル ??? Ritual Monster
TDSP-en-044 Teteroid Clone TR クローン ??? ???
TDSP-en-045 Teteroid Warrior - Line TR 戦士 - ライン ??? Xyz Monster
TDSP-en-046 Fang of Fiber Vine ??? Ritual Monster
TDSP-en-047 The Growth of Fiber Vine Hinn 完成したヒンフォーム ??? Ritual Spell Card
TDSP-en-048 Teteroid Warrior - ExcitionAdy TR 戦士 - 励起子ベイブ ??? Xyz Monster
TDSP-en-049 Bomomoberry 爆弾チェリー ??? Effect Monster
TDSP-en-050 Hinata, Queen of Gust Vine G・Vine 日向女王 ??? Effect Monster
TDSP-en-051 Girl of Gust Vine 「G・Vine」 ベイブ ??? Effect Monster
TDSP-en-052 Valkyrus Hinata of Gust Vine G・Vine ヴァルキュルスの日向 ??? Fusion Monster
TDSP-en-053 Hyunlei, Tempesto of Gust Vine G・Vine テンペストギャルヒュンレイ ??? Fusion Monster
TDSP-en-054 Sphreez, Sphere of Gust Vine ??? Fusion Monster
TDSP-en-055 Kataria, Demise Queen of Evil Vine E・Vine カタリア、デーモンの女王 ??? Effect Monster
TDSP-en-056 Gift of Hinn ??? Quick-Play Spell Card
TDSP-en-057 Fiber Vine Rose Hinn F・Vine ローズヒン ??? Ritual Monster
TDSP-en-058 Fiber Vine Forest ??? Field Spell Card
TDSP-en-059 Ukiki, Lady of Gust Vine G・Vine 宇城レディ ??? Effect Monster
TDSP-en-060 Hinn, Maiden of The Fiber Vine F・Vine マンイーターヒン Millenium Rare Effect monster
TDSP-en-061 Binding Piegon Of Magnificent Vine M・Vine ボンデージポッポ Common Special Summon Monster
TDSP-en-062 Rumuri Princess of Magnificent Vine Xyz Monster
TDSP-en-063 Malevolent Fusion 邪悪な融合 ??? Counter Trap Card
TDSP-en-064 Dimensional Xyz Cutie 筋金入りのベイブ ??? Xyz Monster
TDSP-en-065 Chaotic Grimoire Magician CHAOS ロード グリモア魔術師 ??? Tuner Monster
TDSP-en-066 Gust Vine's Necro Fusion G・Vine ネクロフュージョン ??? Normal Spell Card
TDSP-en-067 Paintress Everdingenia ??? Normal Pendulum Monster
TDSP-en-068 Carolia, The Flying Butterfly of Magnificent Vine M・Vine カロライナ、フライングバタフライ ??? Xyz Monster
TDSP-en-069 Gust Vine Nasere G・Vine 木と葉の少女 - セレナ ??? Flip Tuner Monster
TDSP-en-070 Whirlwind of the Gusty gurl 突風ベイブの旋風 ??? Continuous Trap Card
TDSP-en-071 Yasmin, Jasmine Hime of Gust Vine G・Vine ジャスミンのヤスミン姫 ??? Fusion Tuner Monster
TDSP-en-072 Black Rose Fairy of Evil Vine E・Vine ブラック・ローズエンジェル ??? Effect Monster
TDSP-en-073 Gale S Moon Deity Athenor ゲイル S ル神アテナ ??? Effect Monster
TDSP-en-074 Nasere, Supreme Heiress of Gust Vine G・Vine ティエラフュージョン女神 - セレナ ??? Fusion Monster
TDSP-en-075 Dj Lilith Yukiron of BandaGarl BB 赤のDJリリス ??? Normal Monster
TDSP-en-076 Musical Bandagarl BB 音楽ベイブ ??? Tuner Effect Monster
TDSP-en-077 Das Water Girl 水の女の子 ??? Effect Monster
TDSP-en-078 Fire Fafa Powered 火災ファファはパワード ??? Normal Monster
TDSP-en-079 Lazy Fire Fafa ??? Normal Monster
TDSP-en-080 Succubus Bass of Bandagarl BB サキュバスギタリスト ??? Tuner Pendulum Effect Monster
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