Tempera Light Chroma Dragon
JPN Japanese: テンペラ・ライト・クローマ・ドラゴン
JPN Phonetic: Tenpera Raito Kurooma Doragon
Creator: Lyris1064
Card Attribute: MONEY MONEY
Card Type(s): [ Dragon/Chroma/Effect ]
Level: Level 7 Level starLevel starLevel starLevel starLevel starLevel starLevel star
ATK/DEF: 2500 / 2000
Card Lore:

1+ monsters
Once per turn: You can target 1 Level 5 or higher monster on the field; if that target is still face-up on the field, Special Summon as many "Tempera Tokens" to their field as possible in Attack Position (Aqua/MONEY/Level 1/ATK ?/DEF 0), (Its ATK is always the same as the current ATK of that monster.) then that target's ATK becomes its current ATK divided by the number of Tokens Summoned by this effect + 1.

Effects Unknown. If this card is destroyed or banished, your opponent immediately wins the Duel.

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