Taste of Champions is a Booster pack released in 11/2/2015 Introducing a new archetype, a custom card frame, and few fusion cards to expand the advantage of Gust VINE. This was User:Chadook's first Booster pack since coming back to custom carding.


This set has been rebranded since January the 23th 2018 and later rebranded in January 16, 2019 by LHK, after Chadook's approval.


This pack features:


Card ListEdit

Set no. English Name Japanese Name Rarity Category
TASTOC-EN001 ESPergear Wizard Common Normal Monster
TASTOC-EN002 ESPergear Enchantress Common Effect Monster
TASTOC-EN003 ESPergear Armor:Helmet Common Union monster
TASTOC-EN004 ESPergear Armor:Boots Common Union monster
TASTOC-EN005 ESPergear Armor: Gloves Common Union monster
TASTOC-EN006 ESPergear Armor:Wings Common Union monster
TASTOC-EN007 ESPergear Armor:Steed Common Union monster
TASTOC-EN008 ESPergear Armor: Blade Common Union monster
TASTOC-EN009 ESPergear Armor: Lance Common Union monster
TASTOC-EN010 ESPergear Armor: Shield Common Union monster
TASTOC-EN011 ESPergear Armor:Waist Common Union monster
TASTOC-EN012 ESPergear Armor:Torso Common Union monster
TASTOC-EN013 ESPergear Armor: OX Horns Common Union monster
TASTOC-EN014 Bordgana, Lemon Girl of Rose VINE Common Normal Monster
TASTOC-EN015 Scooby, Fang Boi of Rose VINE Common Normal Monster
TASTOC-EN016 Baby Romana of Rose VINE Common Normal Monster
TASTOC-EN017 Ukiki, Lady of Rose VINE Common Effect Monster
TASTOC-EN018 Baby Rose Dragon of Rose VINE Common Effect Monster
TASTOC-EN019 Goghi, Sakura Maiden of Rose VINE Common Effect Monster
TASTOC-EN020 Catastrophe Urchin - Red Willister Common Effect Monster
TASTOC-EN021 Catastrophe Urchin - Blue Willister Common Effect Monster
TASTOC-EN022 Catastrophe Urchin - Yellow Willister Common Effect Monster
TASTOC-EN023 Catastrophe Urchin - Green Willister Common Effect Monster
TASTOC-EN024 Catastrophe Urchin - Gray Willister Common Effect Monster
TASTOC-EN025 Catastrophe Urchin - Magenta Willister Common Effect Monster
TASTOC-EN030 Catastrophe Maker - Bomb Lancer Ultra Rare Spirit Fusion Monster
TASTOC-EN031 Catastrophe Maker - Bomb Knight Ultra Rare Spirit Fusion Monster
TASTOC-EN032 Catastrophe Maker - Bomb Grenadier Ultra Rare Spirit Fusion Monster
TASTOC-EN033 Dinogear Tankeratops Ultra Rare Synchro Monster
TASTOC-EN034 Dinogear Pterongant Ultra Rare Synchro Monster
TASTOC-EN035 Dinogear Generex Ultra Rare Synchro Monster
TASTOC-EN036 Reezia Pepperagician of Rose VINE Ultra Rare Link Monster
TASTOC-EN037 Scooby, Flare Boi of Rose VINE Ultra Rare Link Monster
TASTOC-EN038 ESPergear Knight: Paladin Ultra Rare Link Monster
TASTOC-EN039 ESPergear Supreme Knight: Centaur Ultra Rare Evolute Monster
TASTOC-EN040 ESPergear Knight: Swordie Ultra Rare Evolute Monster
TASTOC-EN041 ESPErgear Knight: Valkyria Ultra Rare Evolute Monster
TASTOC-EN042 ESPergear Knight: Swordtress Ultra Rare Evolute Monster
TASTOC-EN043 ESPergear Knight: Knigtie Ultra Rare Evolute Monster
TASTOC-EN044 ESPergear Knight : Lancie Ultra Rare Evolute Monster
TASTOC-EN045 ESPergear Knight: Ox Gladiator Ultra Rare Evolute Monster
TASTOC-EN046 ESPergear Conjoining Wizard Ultra Rare Conjoint Evolute Monster
TASTOC-EN047 Romana, Princess of Rose VINE Ultra Rare Evolute Monster
TASTOC-EN048 Fulla, Young Pixie of Rose VINE Ultra Rare Evolute Monster
TASTOC-EN049 Yasmin Queen of Rose VINE Ultra Rare Evolute Monster
TASTOC-EN050 Qarsa Greenie fly of Rose VINE Ultra Rare Evolute Monster
TASTOC-EN051 Shomesa, Sunflower of Rose VINE Ultra Rare Evolute Monster
TASTOC-EN052 Dahija, Dahlia Archer of Rose VINE Ultra Rare Evolute Monster
TASTOC-EN053 All-Rose Dragon of Rose VINE Ultra Rare Evolute Monster
TASTOC-EN054 Emelo, Link Slayer of Rose VINE Ultra Rare Evolute Monster
TASTOC-EN055 Bad Plasma - Destroyer of X Planets Ultra Rare Conjoint Evolute Monster
TASTOC-EN056 ESPergear Armor Dispatch Common Normal Spell
TASTOC-EN057 ESPergear Armor Break Common Continuous Spell
TASTOC-EN058 ESPergear Armor Unleash Common Normal Spell
TASTOC-EN059 ESPergear Cyber Field Common Field Spell
TASTOC-EN060 ESPergear wracked Common Normal Spell
TASTOC-EN061 Rose VINE Seedin' Common Normal Spell
TASTOC-EN062 VINE's Bud Openin' Common Normal Spell
TASTOC-EN063 Catastrophe Fusion Common Normal Spell
TASTOC-EN070 Pomegrenate Wrath Common Continuous Trap
TASTOC-EN071 Catastrophe Trigger - Virus Transmission Common Normal Trap
TASTOC-EN072 Catastrophe Trigger - Virus Spread Common Normal Trap
TASTOC-EN073 Catastrophe Trigger - Virus Infestation Common Normal Trap
TASTOC-EN074 Catastrophe Trigger - Virus Multiplication Common Normal Trap
TASTOC-EN075 Catastrophe Trigger - Virus Cells Common Normal Trap
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