Taner Nasf is a Secondary School from Yu-Gi-Oh! Me lies in Birta Town, where Yei Tisumi, Fokkusu Taker, and Anissa Kaatta are currently enrolled in. Aside from being a Normal School, it also includes a Dueling Teaching program.


Taner Nasf is a mold of Tahar Sfar Secondary School Mahdia and Fine Arts High School Tunis (ISBAT) in terms of education type, and Secondary grades' systems. Also Timetables are based on the latter reference.


When a first grade student starts their first year, they need to study every basic subject (off panels), also they must learn about Fusion Summon,Synchro Summon, and Xyz Summon as basic dueling subjects (Pendulum Summon and Ritual Summon are still optional subjects and discussed to be main.[Notes 1]) .

For the Second Year, Second Grade studends ought to learn each summoning method with basics:

Speciality System
Speciality Current Students What can do: What Can't do:
Fusion Speciality Anissa Kaatta
Synchro Speciality Yuri Revial
  • Normal Synchro Summoning.
Xyz Speciality Fokkusu Taker
  • Normal Xyz Summoning.

As for the third grade, only few advantages mentioned by Anissa towards Fusion.

Speciality Current Students What can do: What Can't do:
Fusion Speciality Unknown
  • Archetypical Fusion Cards.


Girls ought to wear the School's Blue blouse, Yei Tisumi and Melissa Meiry are the only enrolled Students who do not wear those blouses.



  1. In Stage 06, Anissa Stated that they are planning to make Ritual and Pendulum Summons Specialties like the others, however, other than that is currently unknown."
  2. Using Fusion Materials from the Extra Deck, not Special Summoning.
  3. Not Mentioned,However, it's Illegal in the School due to being obscure, and they are more likely used by "Chaotic".
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